Sunday, October 2, 2022
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It is no longer just edibles taking the front page when it comes to CBD. With consistently new findings being reported and research being taken, the list of benefits to the skin just seem to keep growing. Here I will be reviewing a number of beauty products, having worked in the beauty industry in the past and understanding exactly what is required and what is expected.

Best Life Botanicals Whippy Butter Review

Following on from my review of the Best Life Botanicals rejuvenating face serum and CBD fizzy bath salts, I’m now taking a...

Best Life Botanicals Rejuvenation Face Serum Review

I’m a big fan of serum’s, they have become part of my daily beauty regime (yep, I did just write that). I...

Best Life Botanicals CBD Fizzy Bath Salts

Say what you want, but I’m completely a bath guy! I love relaxing in the morning after a workout in the bath...

CBDFX Hemp Cucumber Face Mask Review

This is the fifth mask I’m trying by CBDFX, following on from the lavender night, rose mask, charcoal mask and aloe vera. I’ve enjoyed trying them on...

CBDFX Hemp Lavender Night Face Mask Review

Being forced to stay inside, I’ve suddenly got a lot more time to put on some face masks in the evening, and this...

CBDFX Hemp Rose Face Mask Review

I seem to be trying an increasing number of beauty items, not that I’m complaining, I’ll be very grateful in 10 years when...

CBDFX Hemp Charcoal Face Mask Review

Today I’m testing out another CBD face mask, this one the CBDFX hemp charcoal sheet mask. This is actually the second I’ve tried...

Truverra CBD Balm Review

The latest CBD topical item to be reviewed on CBD Sloth, I’ve been taking a closer look at the Truverra CBD Balm. If...

Truverra CBD Lip Balm Review

The Truverra range has been incredibly interesting and unique to explore, but this is certainly the first CBD lip balm I’ve ever used. If...

CBD FX Hemp Aloe Vera Face Mask Review

I’ve certainly used my fair share of sheet masks in my life. In fact, I’m currently using around 3 per week, so...


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