I am very happy and honoured to say CBD Sloth will be a media partner for the World CBD Awards 2022! Below I’ll go through everything you need to know about the prestigious awards, as well as why you should be nominating your brand for an award.

What Are The World CBD Awards?

This is an annual awards ceremony and conference, covering products in the CBD/Hemp industry. The company was incorporated in 2019, which was the first year it ran, with some amazing videos of the event available on the homepage of their website.

There are six directors of the company, being Damon Bonnick, Pamela Bonnick, Ramsey Douglas, Khalilah Karriem, Michael Patterson and Ryan Wilson.

Damon (operations director), Pamela (director), Ramsey (managing director) and Ryan (business development director) formed the company in April 2019, before Michael joined as the CEO in October 2019 and then Khalilah joined as the sales director in March 2020.

Transparency and ethics are at the forefront of their mind when it comes to the awards and the judging process, something I can very strongly relate to, being one of the main reasons why I launched CBD Sloth, to help offer greater transparency on the CBD industry.

When Is The Event Taking Place?

The World CBD Awards will be taking place on the 13-15th July 2022 at the Crowne Plaza in Barcelona.

However, if you would like to submit your brand for an award, the nominations close in just over a month, so make sure to head over to their website.

What Nomination Categories Are There?

You can enter your brand to the following categories:

  • CBD device
  • Isolate based tincture
  • Extract based tincture
  • Edible
  • Clinically studied
  • Topical
  • Cosmetic product
  • CBD vape
  • Pet range
  • CBD flower
  • CBD beverage
  • API product
  • CBD magazine
  • CBD book
  • Social media campaign
  • Most charitable company
  • CBD innovation
  • International retailer
  • International distributor
  • CBD influencer (hopefully me)
  • Raw material supplier
  • White label brand
  • Most loved brand
  • Hemp farmer
  • Industry newcomer
  • International merchant processer
  • European merchant processer
  • laboratory

Why Should I Enter An Award?

When a potential customer is trying to work out which brand to opt for, it can be incredibly difficult, with each brand offering a product which is virtually identical on paper.

They’re also potentially not skilled in reading a lab report or know the scientific differences they should expect, therefore they will look towards trust signals such as product reviews on Trustpilot or on a website such as…CBD Sloth!

But another factor which holds a significant amount of pulling power is an award. If you can say your CBD oil won the best in the industry around the world, you can certainly expect people to take notice of your brand and opt for you over a competitor.

You can then use this on your product packaging, throughout your website, in email newsletters or in PR pieces.

What Do I Need To Nominate My Brand?

If you’re hoping to enter a product then you will need to complete the application form, send in a sample and also pay the £100 (+VAT) fee for the lab report. Remember you have to send three samples rather than just one, with 2 being unbranded and 1 being branded.

If you’re entering one of the brand awards, such as most charitable company, you’ll need to complete an application form along with a 30-60 second video clip explaining why you deserve to win. This is a short period of time, so make it precise and ensure you include everything that needs to be said.

Finally, if you’re entering an award such as to be the CBD influencer of the year, then you just need to complete an application form.

How Much Is A Ticket?

You have two options available, you can either buy a 3 day full event ticket, which includes the pre-dinner drinks reception, networking opportunities, the awards ceremony on the final night and the after party. These tickets cost £500, while they don’t include accommodation.

The other option, if you were more focused on attending the conference, is the Conference & Lunch ticket, which is exactly what it says on the tin. This ticket costs £100.

What Is The Judging Process?

What I love about these awards is that they have been very open in the scoring breakdown, which can help people to understand more about why they won or didn’t win.

30% of the score, the biggest factor of them all, comes down to the lab report, so if your product doesn’t contain the stated levels of cannabinoids you’re claiming, then you’re always going to come up short here.

Behind this, the research panel report is also a key indicator, holding a 20% weight. The physical testing (taste, smell etc) and application/supporting documents also hold a 20% weight each, while the final 10% is the aesthetics and safety report.

I’m a big fan of their judging process, as there seems to be an increasing amount of national publications and magazines that are launching supposed ‘CBD awards’ as column pieces, where they request the CBD products and simply base their decision on which one they like the best, with the judges being journalists. I know, as I have worked alongside a few of them, but I found the entire concept a bit bizarre, for a judge to be someone who had never previously tried CBD oil, to decide the best in the country and potentially affect people’s purchase decisions.

On the other hand, the World CBD Awards are the real deal, to win an award here would put your brand at centre stage of this ever growing industry. So make sure to get your brand nominated in time and I hope to see you all in Barcelona!


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