This is certainly one of the most unique products I’ve reviewed, alongside the CBD pillow mist and CBD gin. I can’t say I’ve ever used any form of patch (never been a smoker), so this was a first for me. A pack contained 8 patches, therefore I trialled these for 8 days before writing this review. Also, excuse my hairy arm in the pic!

How Do I Use The Patches?

The 8 patches come in foil packaging to protect them and ensure the quality remains. Once opened, you will have the 8 separate patches with a thin lining of plastic to protect the sticky part. Peel this away and place it on your arm, or where ever you would prefer to have it.

You then keep the patch on for between 8-10 hours, before peeling it off and throwing it in the bin. They state that you should feel the effects after around 20 minutes from application.

Before you apply it to your body, you should try to give your skin a quick rinse. Obviously, dry your skin before then applying the patch. You should also avoid applying it anywhere that you have a cut or an open wound.

How Much CBD Is In A Single Patch?

A single patch contains 16mg of CBD. The pack contains 8 patches, meaning 128mg of CBD in a single box.

When Should I Apply The Patch?

This is all down to personal choice and what you’re hoping to achieve with these. I personally applied it at 1pm, so I’d have it on until 10pm, taking me up to the point I need to go to sleep. The important thing is to fit it around your schedule, if you would find it easier to put it on first thing in the morning then try that first.

Why Take CBD In The Form Of Patches?

There are a couple of arguments for why this is an effective way to consume CBD. For a start, the taste of CBD oil can be a little offputting for many people. I weirdly like the taste of it, but I’m in the small minority, with most people finding it difficult to have without opting for a flavoured version, which often means it is mixed with other ingredients you might not need.

Other forms of consumption could be via smoking or vaping. Without diving deep into the legalisation issues around smoking, not everyone sees the appeal to vaping and some are equally concerned about the potential safety factors, with this such a new area and such little research on the subject.

One extra factor is the benefit of slowly releasing CBD into the body. If you take CBD oil, you will receive all the benefits in one go, however you might need to take some later on in the day, whereas with the patches you’re constantly receiving CBD for 8-10 hours.

Where Can I Buy CBD Patches From?

These can be purchased for £9.99 per pack from the Budslife website. Budslife are a UK based company, so you should expect quick delivery at a decent price, compared to some of the US brands which can take a couple of weeks (and uncertainty) when delivering.

By Tom Bourlet

Being based in Brighton, I have directly witnessed the CBD industry grow and prosper, albeit witnessing the difficulties around legislation and the lack of transparency. I therefore decided to become a neutral viewpoint offering genuine reviews, advice and guidance.

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