oto cbd pillow mist

For the past couple of weeks, I have been trialling the OTO CBD Pillow mist each evening, to see how well it works, whether my sleep improved and how it smelled. If you’re considering purchasing the mist then I definitely recommend having a read of my review.

How Did It Smell?

The scent is quite strong, intoxicating and very relaxing. Raquel had previously been using a mist she had got from Marks & Spencers in their advent calendar and it smelt similar to that. It utilises both lavender and chamomile, while those smells certainly came through. I guess a relief to some will be that you couldn’t smell anything associated with CBD.

How Much CBD Is In A Spray

It states on the packaging that there is 30% CBD, but that doesn’t clarify all of my questions, such as how much in a single spray and mg. I also can’t find details regarding the THC quantity, but once I find these all out I will update this article.

How Do I Use It?

You shake the bottle before spraying (important as I would occasionally forget and not much would come out on the first spray). You then simply spray the bed or the bed linen 2-3 times. I did this just before going to bed, so I could instantly enjoy the smell, however if you find the scent a bit too strong then you can spray it five minutes before going to bed.

Most Importantly, Did The OTO CBD Pillow Mist Work?

I found that it helped quite a lot to send me to sleep quicker in the evenings. I still woke up during the night, but that was for the toilet, something no level of CBD can help with (nor would I want to sleep through that, that would be disastrous). I also found I felt energised and more alert the next morning, ready for the day ahead.

I have written previously on the benefits of CBD for sleep, which I recommend giving a read to fully understand how it works.

Who Are OTO?

They’re a brand that has previously launched a range of high concentration CBD products in the form of essential oil CBD rolls. The three products they were offering were Focus, Balance and Amplify, however they have strong ambitions of new products they want to enter the market and I was involved in the trial process when testing the results of the OTO CBD Pillow Mist.

I should mention I was not paid by OTO, nor did I receive any benefit, I just want to trial as many CBD products as possible, so this seemed like an ideal scenario.

Benefits Of Using A Pillow Mist

  • They smell great. The scent relaxes your mind and allows you to feel happy as you lie in bed, rather than wondering whether to watch one more episode on Netflix.
  • They are incredibly easy to use. A single spray or two and you’re sorted.
  • Considering how damaging some sleep medication can be, as well as the groggy side effects it leaves behind, using a pillow spray with CBD is certainly a great alternative option worth trying out.
  • Considering many people don’t like the taste of CBD, this is a subtle way of getting some more into the system while you sleep without having to drop it under your tongue.

By Tom Bourlet

Being based in Brighton, I have directly witnessed the CBD industry grow and prosper, albeit witnessing the difficulties around legislation and the lack of transparency. I therefore decided to become a neutral viewpoint offering genuine reviews, advice and guidance.

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