Charlotte’s Web has a range of different CBD gummies, including Calm, Recovery and Daily Wellness, while I’ll be taking a closer look at the Immunity gummies.

This is following on from my recent review of the Charlotte’s Web Original Formula CBD Oil, which is definitely worth reading, especially for the back story!

The Size

Wow, that was my first reaction when this arrived. I do receive quite a fair few packs of CBD gummies, but normally the tub they come in is relatively small, containing around 10-25 gummies.

But this comes in substantially bigger packaging than I’m used to, due to the fact you get 60 gummies in each pack.

I’m certainly not complaining, the issue with gummies is often they’re gone too quick, especially if they’re a little moreish and you ‘accidentally’ eat a couple more than you should. Not that I’m recommending you do!

Why Is This Called Immunity?

The naming of the different gummies is due to the ingredients added, to target certain health aspects.

So for the Immunity gummies, they have added astragalus, Vitamin C and Vitamin D3, alongside the main ingredient, organic full spectrum hemp extract.

Why Include Astragalus?

Astragalus isn’t so commonly known in the UK, a herbal supplement commonly used in Chinese medicine for centuries, often to treat colds and to support the immune system.

It’s also been studied for its potential to help treat upper respiratory infections and lower the risk of upper respiratory tract infections.

Why Include Vitamin D3?

The average person in the UK doesn’t get enough Vitamin D, hence why the government recommends a daily supplementation of 10 micrograms of it.

It shouldn’t be that surprising that we don’t get enough, as we can easily get it from the sun, but we don’t see too much of that between October and March.

You can also find Vitamin D in oily fish and egg yolks, however you’ll definitely be falling short if on a vegan diet. The NHS also highlights that cow’s milk is not a great source of Vitamin D in the UK (as it is in many other countries).

Having a look at the supplement facts on the packaging, per 2 gummy serving, you will get 20 micrograms of Vitamin D3, easily hitting the required amount. This means that even if you just have a single gummy, you’ve got your required Vitamin D3 for the day.

Why Include Vitamin C?

The amount of Vitamin C you require in a day varies based on where you take your advice. The NHS states that an adult will need 40mg of Vitamin C per day, while Mayo Clinic opts for 65-90mg per day and Healthline recommends 75mg for women and 90mg for men.

2 gummies will contain 90mg of Vitamin C, meaning you easily hit your daily requirement with these gummies.

Vitamin C is incredibly important for your body, helping to repair body tissues, the formation of collagen and absorption of iron. But the most important reason connecting it to this product is that it also helps ensure the proper functionality of the immune system.

Vitamin C supplementation can boost antioxidant levels, helping to fight off free radicals, while it will also help with the maintenance of bone health.

How Much CBD Do You Get?

I’ve written so much about all the other great ingredients, I feel like I’ve slightly floated past the main ingredient.

Every gummy contains 10mg of CBD (the lab report showed it a little higher at 13mg), being 100-130% of the label claim.

As you commonly find with gummies, this is as an isolate, so the terpenes don’t overly affect the flavour, with no other cannabinoids detected in the analysis.

The certificate of analysis also shows the gummies passed all the tests, to ensure it didn’t contain residual pesticides, mycotoxins, heavy metals, microbials or residual solvents.

Where Can I Order This From?

You can order a pack of the Charlotte’s Web Immunity Gummies from the Savage Cabbage website for £55. This works out as 91p per gummy.

You can also enjoy 10% off with the discount code ‘CBDSLOTH’!

By Tom Bourlet

Being based in Brighton, I have directly witnessed the CBD industry grow and prosper, albeit witnessing the difficulties around legislation and the lack of transparency. I therefore decided to become a neutral viewpoint offering genuine reviews, advice and guidance.

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