This is the first of two product reviews I will be reviewing of the Ardoa Organics range, kicking off with the Indigo66 CBD oil, part of their S-drops range.

One thing I didn’t notice at first, but which I quite like, is that the labelling on the tincture has a ‘peel me’ written on it. So I pinched the corner and peeled back, to reveal the list of ingredients, recommended usage and the pesticide and heavy metals lab check.

There is so much information brands would like to include on the bottle that it can be hard to work out what to include and what to drop, so this was quite an innovative way to include all the key bits of info.

The Size

The first thing you’ll notice if you order the Ardoa Indigo66 is the size of the tincture. In the UK, most CBD oil’s are served in a 10ml bottle, while in the USA they normally come in a 30ml bottle, whereas the Ardoa broad spectrum CBD oil comes in a 100ml bottle.

How Does This Affect The Dosage Size?

The total bottle contains 1,520mg of cannabinoids, with 1,234mg being CBD.

Based on a measurement of 1,234mg per 100ml, a 2.5ml serving would provide me with 30.85mg of CBD, therefore I went with the 2.5ml dosage each day during testing, taking 45 minutes before bed. Be aware that each batch may have a slightly differing quantity of CBD or cannabinoids present.

They actually provide a little medicine style spoon (the type you had Calpol with when you were younger), with one side being 1.25ml and the other being 2.5ml.

I quite like the double size measurements, as I like to have 40mg in a day, therefore I could have each side, to bring the dosage up to a little over my targeted levels of CBD.

Where Is The Lab Report?

The lab report can be found on the Ardoamarket website, on the product pages, under ‘cannabinoid content lab test’.

The lab report is carried out in Spain by Analiza Calidad, based in Madrid, while on top of the CBD present in the oil, you will also find CBG and THC. As you can imagine, this is just a small amount of THC, so it cannot ‘get you high’.

Cannabigerol, or CBG, has fast become one of my favourite cannabinoids (I know, I’m such a nerd with my favourite cannabinoids), as studies are constantly showing intriguing results with this cannabinoid.

The issue is you don’t tend to get a huge amount with common hemp strains; however I always appreciate any CBD oil that also has a decent quantity of CBG present.

How Long Will This Last?

Based on a consumption rate of 2.5ml per day, the entire bottle should last 40 days, which they print on the bottle.

It all comes down to how much CBD you require personally, which is different for everyone. It is worth testing out on the lower end (potentially starting with the 1.25ml side of the spoon) and then building up based on your requirements and tolerance levels.

In regards to the expiry date, this is a best before, but the product I have received has 12 months on the label, which I will easily polish off before then.

What Carrier Oil Do They Use?

Ardoa have opted for certified organic hemp seed oil as their carrier oil.

The first thing you should know about hemp seeds is that they don’t contain CBD, however it works amazingly at delivering the CBD through to the bloodstream, as well as having many healthy aspects.

Hemp seed oil has anti-inflammatory properties, while it’s also rich in fatty acids, including both omega 3 and omega 6 at a decent ratio. Many of us in the UK aren’t getting enough omega 3, so this is a great way to add some more into your diet as well.

This comes in the form of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) which can be converted into EPA and DHA in the body, however most will be used for energy.

Where Can I Order This From?

You can order the Ardoa Indigo66 CBD oil from their website for £119.99. The website I’ve linked to is for orders within the United Kingdom, however they also deliver to countries within Europe from this website.

By Tom Bourlet

Being based in Brighton, I have directly witnessed the CBD industry grow and prosper, albeit witnessing the difficulties around legislation and the lack of transparency. I therefore decided to become a neutral viewpoint offering genuine reviews, advice and guidance.

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