Toast is still an absolute guilty pleasure of mine, while I was dieting in the first half of 2021 I didn’t allow myself any, so I was ecstatic when the dieting ended and I went back to tasty breakfasts.

Back when I was a student (a long long time ago), I used to eat honey on toast in the morning, but I could only afford the £1 honey at the time.

Those low-cost supermarket honeys are highly processed and aren’t actually honey. The pollen is mainly removed, making it a honey flavoured sugar syrup, while they also won’t label the country as it’s largely brought in from China, which most of the time isn’t practicing organic methods.

Another factor with these cheap honeys is that they don’t contain any living bacteria, enzymes and nutrients, the main health benefit to eating honey.

Long story short, it feels great to be eating proper honey, where you can track exactly what country it is grown in and you can rest assured on the quality.

What Type Of Honey Is This?

Honey Heaven have utilised acacia honey, which has antibacterial properties and has plenty of antioxidants to help fight off free radicals.

Acacia honey is known throughout human history as a solution to help heal wounds and prevent the spreading of bacteria.

Naturally possessing hydrogen peroxide, acacia honey isn’t just loved for its antibacterial components, it’s also known to have calming and relaxing effects, while it’s rich in flavonoids.

Is It Organically Grown?

Yes, they gather the honey from a Hungarian honey farm, which utilises organic methods.

They produce honey which is unpasteurised, unprocessed and unhomogenised, making it ideal for those who are looking for a high quality honey with active ingredients which hasn’t gone through the brutal processing which cheap honeys do.

The honey comes from an area of Hungarian countryside where they have fragrant lavender flowers and wild acacia forest, while the honey is extracted in a sustainable, traditional method.

Is It Runny or Set?

This is always worth knowing beforehand, as everyone has their own personal taste. Me for example, I only like runny honeys, possibly because it was what I was brought up eating, but also because I find the set honeys harder to spread.

The Honey Heaven CBD Infused Premium Organic Honey is a runny honey, easy to spread on toast and tasting scrumptious.

Over time, the honey will crystalise, but many people mistakenly believe this means it is past it’s use by date or has lowered in quality. In fact, it is just the opposite.

Real honey inevitably crystalises over time and becomes solid, however this is merely a sign that it is real raw honey, meaning it has not been processed or filtered.

If this happens and you want it runny again, all you need to do is pop the jar in warm water (not boiling) and stir until the crystals dissolve. Some also microwave the honey for 30 seconds, but I’ve never given that a try.

Getting A Cold?

If you’ve been run down a bit recently, I’d recommend trying this with lemon and hot water. It’s something I grew up having whenever I came down with a cold and it always worked well for me. Well, that and eating copious amounts of garlic.

It’s worth reading this article if you are suffering, on how honey was found to be superior in soothing cold symptoms to many common methods.

What Cannabinoids Are Present?

They use 2.5ml of 1,500mg hemp extract, which contains 442mg of CBD. Altogether, it contains 452mg of cannabinoids, with the others being 6.37mg of CBG, 2.12mg of CBDV, 1.35mg of CBC, 1.08mg of CBDA, plus 1mg of THC in the batch tested.

Where Can I Buy This From?

You can order the Honey Heaven CBD Infused Premium Organic Honey from their website for £25. Considering they offer free shipping on orders over £40, you may also want to add the Honey Heaven CBD Gummy Bears to your basket, also costing £25.

By Tom Bourlet

Being based in Brighton, I have directly witnessed the CBD industry grow and prosper, albeit witnessing the difficulties around legislation and the lack of transparency. I therefore decided to become a neutral viewpoint offering genuine reviews, advice and guidance.

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