cbd strawberry smoothie

This is a great option to take first thing in the morning, something both myself and Raquel love to have for breakfast each day, offering a healthy boost and easy to go down even if you’re not a big morning eater. This is also an interesting option for those who struggle with the taste of CBD oil and want to find an alternative way to get it into their system in an edible form.


  • 5 strawberries
  • 1 avocado
  • 1 banana
  • 1 drop of MCT oil (optional)
  • 1 drop of CBD oil, based on preferred consumption amount
  • 25ml milk
  • 100 grams Greek yogurt
  • 1 tsp honey


  • Cut up all ingredients to a small size and add to the blender.
  • Blend for 30 seconds, then investigate to make sure the texture and smoothness is right.
  • Drink up and enjoy!

Why Add MCT Oil?

This wasn’t originally written in my guide, however more I learned about courier oils, more I learned that MCT oil is the perfect one to help increase absorption and the bioavailability of the CBD. Most CBD oils will come with some form of courier oil, but many of them have olive oil, which simply doesn’t work as well, so this is a great addition to your shake if you have it available.

If you don’t, you can pick up a bottle for around £15-£20. I’m currently using the Qetomax one, but this isn’t an endorsement for them, just a simple mention. The taste is also quite pleasant to me, slightly coconut flavoured, which works well with the other ingredients.

Which Milk

I opt for normal semi skimmed cow’s milk, however if you have a preference for a different type of milk then please feel free to swap these over. I did experiment with a coconut milk, as an interesting accompaniment to the MCT oil, which tasted quite nice.

Which honey

If you have the budget and want an extra boost of health then you should really go for a decent manuka honey. This is what I’m currently using, however the frustration is that some of the honey does seem to get wasted and at £15 per tub, it is quite a pricey loss. The honey helps to make it a bit sweeter and is a great addition, but the cheaper honey’s are simply the equivalent of pouring sugar into your smoothie, with no health benefits.

Potential Additions

There are plenty of other ingredients you can add if you wish, but I feel it takes away from the great strawberry taste when I have done. Some options include raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. I tend to go for fresh fruit, but you may also want to try frozen fruit if you prefer a colder taste and don’t have anything fresh available. With many smoothies, people opt to add ice, however I personally don’t like to do that, however this is an extra consideration you might want to have.

How Much CBD Oil

I have tried so many different CBD oils and the simple fact is that many of them have different ingredients and require different serving sizes to get the pertinent amount of CBD into your system. For this shake I am aiming for 5mg of CBD, which is a single drop in the product I’m using, but you will have to compare this to the oil you are using.

Some CBD oils have their own flavourings, quite commonly peppermint, such as Uncle Bud’s Industrial Hemp and Cubid CBD oil, therefore you might want to be careful as this will affect the taste quite significantly.

By Tom Bourlet

Being based in Brighton, I have directly witnessed the CBD industry grow and prosper, albeit witnessing the difficulties around legislation and the lack of transparency. I therefore decided to become a neutral viewpoint offering genuine reviews, advice and guidance.

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