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I have been very excited about trying this ever since I spoke to Kevin from Flora Farmacy. The whole world has gone CBD crazy, but while one cannabinoid has been the centre of attention and THC has been stalked by the media, another cannabinoid in CBG has been making subtle tremors. Could this be the next cannabinoid to fill our shelves? Time will tell, but I’m more than happy to test it out!

Don’t You Get CBG In CBD Oil?

You do in most, providing it’s a full spectrum CBD oil. However, the quantity of the other cannabinoids present in CBD oil is minimal at best. This is why while we’re talking about the benefits of the entourage effect, the reality is there isn’t much of the other cannabinoids present to make a significant effect.

In the Flora Farmacy 500mg CBD oil, you also get 17mg of CBG in the bottle according to the lab reports. On the other hand, in this CBG oil, you get a full 500mg.

This is actually an isolate, meaning you only get mere traces of other cannabinoids present in the bottle. They also utilise virgin hemp oil, which works as the carrier oil to enhance bioavailability.

Also, do make sure to have a read of my review of the Flora Farmacy CBD oil.

Why Choose A CBG Oil?

CBG has anti-inflammatory properties, which is important to help fight off various diseases, especially with our Western diets slowly clogging up our arteries (sorry, didn’t mean to sound depressing there). Human trials are required to know further how CBG could be used, but early tests in rats has been showing promise.

CBG has also been tested to treat glaucoma, which is probably the biggest breakthrough to date. As with CBD, CBG is showing positive signs for its ability to help deal with pain.

But if you still want some convincing, I’ve written an article on CBG benefits and everything you need to know about the cannabinoid.

It should be highlighted, as always, they use organically grown hemp form sustainably farmed lands in the USA, meaning there are no pesticides or chemical fertilisers used at any stage of the process.

A few people have been asking me recently whether CBG is better than CBD. I can’t honestly answer that, as I have no idea, but my point would be that one doesn’t have to be better than the other. They both interact with the same receptors in your body and are not psychotoxic.

How Much Should I Have?

Considering the CBD dosage guidance is everywhere, it is understandable if you don’t know where to start with CBG, considering it is a completely different ingredient.

Flora Farmacy recommend taking 2-3 drops, 2-3 times per day. A drop works out as 1.78mg of CBG, so you will be having between 3.56 and 5.34mg.

As always, remember to hold it under your tongue for 1-2 minutes in order for it to be absorbed into your bloodstream.

Where Can I Buy This From?

You can purchase the Flora Farmacy CBG oil from their website for £44.99. They do offer free delivery in the UK if you spend over £50, therefore you might want to consider topping up your basket with the Flora Farmacy CBD Gummies, CBD breakfast tea or even some skin balm.

By Tom Bourlet

Being based in Brighton, I have directly witnessed the CBD industry grow and prosper, albeit witnessing the difficulties around legislation and the lack of transparency. I therefore decided to become a neutral viewpoint offering genuine reviews, advice and guidance.

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