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Today I’m reviewing the 500mg Dutch CBD oil coming in a 20ml bottle, looking at everything from how it tastes, to whether it worked and how often you should take it.

I switched to this bottle in the lead up to a marketing conference and I can honestly say it did do wonders for my anxiety.

I normally turn up to these events nervous, constantly looking for someone I know and unable to sit on my own in the talks without feeling silly.

Well I wandered around relaxed and happy, I sat through talks on my own without feeling odd and while I spoke to plenty of friends and networked a lot, I didn’t feel nervous at all.

In regards to how it affected my sleep, it is hard to say so far, as I am falling to sleep quicker, but I’m still waking up during the night.

That could simply be down to needing the toilet, something no CBD oil in the world can help with, therefore I wouldn’t want that to put a negative impression on the product at all.

I do think it takes a few days to really notice the effect, but 3-4 days into it you should notice little things that used to make you nervous or awkward just don’t seem that daunting anymore.

How Does It Taste?

Let’s be honest, no CBD oil tastes great. The simple fact of the matter is you’re taking this for a particular reason and if it did taste great, you would have to question what is in the product.

In this CBD oil, the ingredients list merely consists of cannabis extract and olive oil. If you do struggle with the taste of CBD oil however, there are a few tricks you can try.

I try to have a drink on hand to drink straight after, such as milk or orange juice. You could also clean your teeth afterwards, but make sure to give it a few minutes, as you don’t want to wash away what you just put into your mouth. Make sure to hold it under your tongue for a couple of minutes before swallowing.

Why Does Love CBD Oil Contain Olive Oil?

This is commonplace with many of these types of products and the reason is around absorption.

You want a carrier oil alongside the hemp extract, as the fats will help it to effectively carry the CBD to your bloodstream with minimal wastage.

A high quality supplement will use olive oil (hopefully extra virgin olive oil), however if you opt for a cheaper brand then you might find a different oil utilised, so this is something to look out for when judging quality versus price.

Is The Product Grown Organically?

The cannabis is grown at a farm where they don’t use any pesticides, herbicides or any other harmful ingredients.

This is an increasingly common question for products such as this, so it is interesting and good to read they have opted to work in this way, as I’m sure if you looked at some products created in China you might not get the same standards.

Can I Get High From Love CBD Oil?

No, you cannot. The psychedelic effect is a result of the THC, however due to UK legislation, the most the products could contain would be 0.2% THC. You can also read my guide on how much THC you can have in each country.

How Much Does Love CBD Oil Cost?

This all depends on what mg product you choose. The 20ml 500mg bottle I’m reviewing costs just under £30, however the prices can soar up when you start looking at the higher grade products. I believe the highest priced option on 2,000mg is £130, so the prices vary drastically.

Is The Product A Spray Or A Dropper?

The Love CBD Oil comes as a spray, as this allows it to offer the perfect dosage, however many also prefer to use a dropper. If this is the case, you can purchase a dropper for this product, as this is a request they are used to, while the dropper doesn’t have to be from this particular brand, as there are CBD droppers sold to measure for set amounts. I generally don’t like droppers anymore as the measurements can be different each day, they can leak and cause a bit of a mess and wastage, while they are slightly more time consuming than having a quick spray in the evening.

When Should I Take Love CBD Oil?

There isn’t any direction advice based on this particular product, so in general I’d recommend following the advice you would with any product of this nature. I prefer to have it in the evening, as I believe it helps with sleep, however taking it in the evening could just be a placebo to psychologically get me in the mindset for bed.

Due to the aftertaste, I prefer to do it at a time when I’m inside the house with access to a drink, therefore you might want to do it in the morning and then clean your teeth a few minutes later.

How Many Sprays Of Love CBD Oil Should I Have?

The dosage on the bottle recommends having 1 spray daily for the first 3 days, then if needed, slowly building up to a maximum of 3 sprays taken 3 times per day. At the moment I am opting for 1 spray per day, as I want to offer a review based on the average persons consumption of the product.

Where Can I Purchase Love CBD Oil From?

A number of shops stock it throughout the UK, while if you’re looking online then you can purchase the product from their own site or on Natures Health Box. You can see how it scores on my list of the best CBD oil in the UK.

Can I Take Love CBD Oil Abroad?

In general, you will have difficulties taking any products of this nature onto a plane, despite its legality. You should also look up the rules of where you are travelling to and from, however in general I’d say it’s not worth the effort. I’ve written a more detailed guide about taking CBD oil onto a plane which is worth reading.

By Tom Bourlet

Being based in Brighton, I have directly witnessed the CBD industry grow and prosper, albeit witnessing the difficulties around legislation and the lack of transparency. I therefore decided to become a neutral viewpoint offering genuine reviews, advice and guidance.

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