Over the past month I have tried more than 12 different CBD products, thoroughly enjoying the process, however this was the first of the 12 which was vape based. Not to say I haven’t tried vaping CBD, but it was a nice change from the consumable goods I’ve been giving a go. For this review, I have tried the Calypod Battery, which works with a number of flavours, while the flavours I tried are the ‘Social’ and the ‘Sleep’.

How Do I Use The Caly Pod Battery?

I’ll start with some basic instructions, as I was actually a little confused when I first set it up on how to use it, however once you know the technique then it is incredibly easy.

  • You need to charge the battery, which doesn’t take too long, I gave it a couple of hours.
  • Remove the black slip that holds the cartridge.
  • Where the slip has been removed, this part goes in directly into the hole in the battery.
  • The important thing that I got confused about at the start is that you do need to push the cartridge into the battery until it clicks. I pushed softly as I was nervous about damaging it and I couldn’t get it to turn on for a while, before realising I had made this silly mistake.

How Harsh Is It On The Throat?

Not at all, you can barely feel it go down, but you will be able to taste the almost-botanical flavours.

Did They Work?

I used the sleep cartridge in the evening and I had a great night’s sleep, therefore the proof is in the pudding. I do sometimes worry about stating things based on usage, correlation doesn’t mean causation, however I gave the product a week and my sleep quality did seem to improve. I woke up feeling a little more recharged than the previous week.

I also used the social cartridge in the morning, which seemed to set me in a good mood, however it is hard to say how it would affect me socially as I didn’t have too many interactions in the mornings of that week.

For this reason, the sleep cartridge was certainly my favourite. With CBD based products, it is important to understand how CBD can help you sleep. It doesn’t necessarily make you fall asleep the way traditional sleep medication would, but it calms the mind and helps to alleviate stress, allowing you to fall asleep quicker and remain in a deeper sleep, while it also doesn’t have the side effects of medication, such as feeling groggy.

How Much THC Is In The Calypods?

As with other legal products sold in the UK, it is under the 0.2% THC levels required. The product is a 100% full spectrum CBD oil, using 100% plant based terpenes to offer the aroma and flavour.

All of their products are independently lab tested, to ensure quality and that measurements are precise and safe for users. The product contains no vegetable glycerine or propylene glycol, a hot subject when it comes to vaping.

Where Can I Purchase These From?

The entire Calyfx selection of products can be purchased from their website. With the code ‘cbdsloth’ you can get £5 off any cartridge or kit bought on the website. From here, you will see a much wider selection of products, as I have merely scraped the surface with the product range they have, therefore it could be worth buying a few cartridges to see which one you prefer. Beyond their website, there are a number of stores you can pop into in order to buy the pens, pods, battery or cartridges.

How Big Are The Cartridges?

If you go for the pen then you can have 1ml cartridges, however I used the rechargeable battery, so I got the 0.5ml Calypod cartridges. I’m not exactly certain how long they will last at the moment after a week of testing. They look around half to 2/3 full, so it should last me the month at my current rate of consumption. However, this will vary drastically based on your consumption quantity and regularity.

By Tom Bourlet

Being based in Brighton, I have directly witnessed the CBD industry grow and prosper, albeit witnessing the difficulties around legislation and the lack of transparency. I therefore decided to become a neutral viewpoint offering genuine reviews, advice and guidance.

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