Following on from my review of the Purity Hemp Co Jelly Domes, I’m now taking a look at their hemp tea’s. However, these are far from simple hemp tea, they have carefully selected a number of interesting ingredients in order to create a formula you’d love.

How Do They Come Packaged?

The Purity Hemp Co tea comes in a little 120-gram tin, while once you open it up, you will find 10 individual tea bags.

They’re all in see-through tea bags so you can easily see the contents within, while I do love when they come in bags, as many are loose tea which is just a little more effort and can be hard to accurately measure the cannabinoids you’re consuming.

How Long Do You Steep For?

They recommend on the packaging that you steep the tea for at least five minutes.

The length of time you choose is down to you, but something I learned from when I used to drink green tea was that the longer you left the tea to steep, the greater the quantity of antioxidants present in the drink.

With that in mind, I presume the longer I steep, the greater the chances I get the full amount of cannabinoids possible, so I therefore opted to steep for around 10 minutes for each drink.

Of course, you do need to remember that the longer you steep your tea, the stronger it will taste.

One issue you sometimes have with hemp tea can be the intensity of the aroma and taste, which some people find quite strong and overpowering. These weren’t however too strong at all, with a more subtle flavour, meaning you can easily sip away at these during the evening.

Why Include Valerian Root?

Valerian root is commonly found in herbal teas, as it is a popular solution for those looking to ease anxiety and aid their sleeping patterns.

Healthline highlights that it may promote relaxation, while MedicalNewsToday points out the mild sedative properties it contains, both utilising studies to back up their claims.

Why Include St John Wort?

Whenever I hear the name, it always sounds to me like an infection, but you can rest assured that this is simply a flowering plant known as hypericum perforatum.

Used for hundreds of years as a treatment for depression or anxiety, it has also been touted as a potential tool to help increase the speed at which wounds heal.

What Options Do They Offer?

They have three different tea sets you can order, which are Harmony, Natural and Tranquillity.

From what I can see, the natural and harmony bags contain the same ingredients, but the difference between them is their cannabinoid profile. Both contain valerian root, St John Wort, lemon balm, fennel, chamomile, lavender and cornflower.

The Tranquillity tea has other ingredients added, including ginger, marigold and lime blossom.

Going by the lab reports, the tranquillity tea has by far the most CBD & CBDA, with other cannabinoids found being CBDVA, CBG, CBGA, CBN, THC and CBC.

While the Harmony tea didn’t seem to contain a notable quantity of CBD, it had 1mg per teabag of CBDA, which is the acidic precursor which turns into CBD once heated by the hot water. It also contains a decent amount of cannabidivarinic acid, the acidic precursor to CBDV, which is very similar to CBD in many ways.

The final tea, the natural option, doesn’t contain much CBD, however it contained a huge amount of CBG, my favourite cannabinoid of them all, which isn’t often found in high doses in most strains of cannabis. It also contains 5mg of THCV per tea bag, known as the ‘race car’ of cannabinoids as it has been shown to give you a short burst of energy.

Where Can I Order This From?

You can order the Natural hemp tea for £15 or the Tranquillity or Harmony tea for £16 from their website. From this page, you will also see the Purity Hemp Company CBD Coffee Pods that I recently reviewed, which is worth checking out.

By Tom Bourlet

Being based in Brighton, I have directly witnessed the CBD industry grow and prosper, albeit witnessing the difficulties around legislation and the lack of transparency. I therefore decided to become a neutral viewpoint offering genuine reviews, advice and guidance.

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