When the pack of goodies arrived from Supreme CBD, I couldn’t help but jump right into the gummies. They were scrumptious and provided a really high level of CBD compared to most. But now it’s time to focus on their hero product, the top seller, the CBD oil.

As always, I tested this out for a week period, while I have tried my best to include all of my findings below (within reason, there are certain legal limitations to what I can say about my experience frustratingly), but if you have any further questions at all, please do reach out!

How Much Did I Take?

This is in a 30ml bottle, something that is common with CBD oils from America, but generally in the UK most brands offer a 10ml bottle.

This means a couple of adjustments need to be made for the average user in the UK, as most people work out their measurements based on a 10ml bottle. For example, if you used a 0.5ml dropper on a 3,000mg 10ml bottle, it would contain a whopping 150mg, way beyond the FSA recommended max of 70mg per day. However, a 0.5ml dropper of this bottle would contain 50mg.

This was the amount I chose to take during testing, with some days taking it in one dosage 45 minutes before bed, while on other days (when I’ve got some big presentations and meetings), I took micro-doses during the day, but adding up to the same quantity. I’m always useless at counting drops, so I do prefer just taking it in one big hit.

One negative was that the dropper didn’t have measurement markings. Not the end of the world, but I always prefer it when they do, so it takes away any guess work if you don’t want to count drops.

How Was It?

As always, I have to be careful with my wording in this aspect, due to ridiculous rules around CBD. But let’s just say I slept incredibly well.

I have always had issues with my sleeping patterns, hence why cannabidiol has always appealed to me since I first ever heard about it. Falling asleep within 10 minutes makes me wish I had CBD in my youth!

The other reason for taking it, to calm those nerves, I’m delighted to say I got through a 4 hour training programme I had to run, a presentation to 35 people, as well as a number of calls with journalists. I might be public facing, but inside I’m completely an introvert who wants to hide away. I loved having this on me as I was all over town.

I’m also very relieved to say the bottle didn’t leak at all. You’ve no idea the amount of CBD bottles that leak after the first time you open it if you keep it in your pocket, so I was delighted not to be cleaning up any mess.

How Did It Taste?

When people see broad or full spectrum, they often get worried about the potential taste. I can slightly understand why, I actually enjoy the natural taste of CBD oil, but I have had a few which tasted more like cow manure, so there can be a slight scare-factor when going in for the first time.

In fact, this is why so many people opt for gummies, but I would personally recommend opting for CBD oil each time.

Well I’m happy to say this didn’t have a bad taste at all. You can slightly taste the coconut flavour from the MCT oil, which is (unsurprisingly) derived from coconuts. This is the carrier oil that helps to increase bioavailability of the cannabidiol after consumption.

There was no strong hemp aftertaste lingering around either, nor was there a sudden taste-hit of hemp like you can sometimes get.

What’s Under The Bonnet?

Supreme CBD list their lab reports on their website, or if you can’t find the relevant one, don’t hesitate to reach out to the brand and request it. They will be more than happy to send it over and walk you through anything you maybe won’t understand.

As you would expect, CBD is the dominant cannabinoid present in this oil, containing more than the stated dosage in the test, which is good to see.

Behind CBD, there is a small amount of a few other cannabinoids, including CBDA (the acid precursor of CBD), CBDV, CBC and CBDVA.

Through the testing, THC came back with ‘LOD’, meaning it didn’t have enough to reach the ‘limit of detection’.

Where Can I Buy This From?

You can order the 3,000mg Supreme CBD oil from their website for £99. They also have Klarna in place, so if you’d prefer to buy now and pay within 30 days then this can be done at no extra cost and no fees.

I’m also delighted to say you can get a 30% discount with the code ‘SLOTH30’!

By Tom Bourlet

Being based in Brighton, I have directly witnessed the CBD industry grow and prosper, albeit witnessing the difficulties around legislation and the lack of transparency. I therefore decided to become a neutral viewpoint offering genuine reviews, advice and guidance.

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