Kicking on from my review of the Prym Health CBD Gummies, I’m now taking a look at their signature product, the CBD oil drops.

Unlike many of the other CBD brands I test out, Prym Health have a more broad range range of health supplements, so you may also want to check out their other products while on their website, such as their apple cider vinegar gummies and biotin gummies.

But I digress, today I’m looking at the Prym Health CBD oral drops, which come in a surprisingly stylish little bottle, looking that little bit more expensive than your traditional CBD tincture.

What Options Are Available?

You have three options when shopping with Prym Health, being 5%, 10% and 30%, while I’m testing out the 10% CBD oil drops.

Most conventionally, you get CBD oil delivered in a 10ml tincture in the UK or if the brand is American then it tends to be in a 30ml tincture, whereas this is 15ml.

This is very close to being an isolate, in that the only other cannabinoid present in the lab report is a small amount of CBDV.

They highlight on the packaging that the product is THC free, which is further supported by the lab report I have been provided.

What Flavours Do They Offer?

There are four different flavours available, being lavender, lemon, mint and orange.

Orange is still quite rare to find, I’ve only ever had one orange flavour and I was a big fan so that flavour certainly makes me curious.

I’m testing out the mint CBD drops, which has a peppermint taste like you expect with a Polo. It doesn’t state how the flavour is achieved, they just state ‘natural flavouring’ on the ingredients.

Which Carrier Oil Do They Use?

They’ve opted for MCT oil, the current gold standard carrier oil for CBD, which is becoming commonplace in the industry, due to its great results in tests on enhancing the bioavailability and to protect CBD from the breakdown enzymes.

You can read here about the different carrier oils that you might find in CBD products, but my favourite is certainly MCT, derived from coconuts.

How Much Do I Use?

Everyone’s requirements are different, depending on your reason for taking CBD oil, your bodies tolerance levels and even factors like how recently you ate food.

In general, they recommend taking 2-4 drops per day, taken twice a day. For me, I took 5 drops in the evening, 45 minutes before bed. OK, slight lie, I’m lazy and free pour without counting most of the time nowadays, but it was around 5 drops per day.

Where Can I Buy These From?

You can order the Prym Health CBD Oil Drops from their website for £49.99 in the 10% strength, which covers you for the free delivery minimum of £20.

If you opt for the 5% then it will cost £29.99 or if you go for the 30% then it will cost £99.99.

Depending on the delivery method you opt for, they will use Royal Mail or DPD, while for me it arrived very promptly.

DPD is really only if you require next day delivery, for the usual delivery methods it will arrive by Royal Mail and only takes a couple of business days to arrive.

By Tom Bourlet

Being based in Brighton, I have directly witnessed the CBD industry grow and prosper, albeit witnessing the difficulties around legislation and the lack of transparency. I therefore decided to become a neutral viewpoint offering genuine reviews, advice and guidance.

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