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It isn’t often I have a first anymore with CBD Sloth, yet every time I feel like I’ve tried virtually everything in the CBD industry, something new comes along. Enter CBME, the CBD coated dried fruit.

I have three packs that I’ll be trying and will cover within the review, however if you had any follow-up questions, don’t hesitate to leave it in the comments at the bottom of the page or email them over.

Which Dried Fruit Do They Have?

They have three options, which are dried pineapple, dried apricots and dried papaya. The Papaya pack is labelled ‘Relax’, the apricots are labelled ‘Relieve’ and the pineapple is labelled ‘Uplift’.

All three tasted amazing, I am quite a big fan of dried fruit, especially apricots, which I grew up eating and have always been a favourite snack of mine.

You can either get the full packs, which contain 30 pieces of dried fruit (equal quantities regardless of which fruit you pick), or you can opt for the cheaper ‘try me’ pack, which contains 5 pieces of dried fruit.

I love that these are far from simply CBD coated dried fruits, they have added a number of great ingredients which are purposefully chosen based on what help you need, whether it’s a better sleep at night or a pick me up during the day.

What Does Uplift Contain?

Uplift contains dried pineapple as well as a number of herbal ingredients to add a health boost, not to mention being coated in CBD distillate.

Formulated to give you a boost when you need it, they have chosen to include ashwagandha, a medicinal herb that has been used throughout history to lower blood pressure and calm the mind.

The Ashwagandha root is an adaptogen, which means it is a natural ingredient which has been shown to help the body deal with stress, whether that is physical or biological.

All of the packs are also further fortified with CBG, a cannabinoid which I’ll go further into down the page.

There is some added cane sugar, organic stevia and natural flavourings to help with that great taste.

The final notable ingredient is probiotics, which can help improve your gut health.

I’ve spoken a number of times in the past about the gut-brain axis, something we really underestimate the importance of, with many health issues coming back to our gut, so I’m more than happy to see this included.

What Does Relax Contain?

As you can imagine from the name, they have intentionally opted for ingredients which are known to help you sleep better at night.

As well as CBD, papaya and the added CBG, these also contain magnesium, a mineral that can help to keep your blood pressure at a normal level, as well as keeping your bones strong, but the main reason for its inclusion is its ability to improve your sleeping patterns.

Playing an important role in the nervous system, magnesium can help you to relax in the evening and keep healthy levels of GABA, hence why it is a common go-to ingredient for people who are struggling to sleep at night.

The Relax dried fruit also contains 5-HTP, which can help your body to produce serotonin, which is critical for regulating your sleep-wake cycles and also your mood.

I’ve been a big fan of 5-HTP ever since I first came across it around 12 years ago, while I’m always more than delighted when any supplement I’m trying contains this.

They have also added hops; Yes, that ingredient you find in your pint down the pub, as they have a natural sedative effect on the mind, helping you to sleep longer. They also have been shown to lower the body temperature and alleviate hot flashes.

What Does The Relieve Contain?

The final pack of the three options, I was so happy just to eat a piece of dried apricot!

I was beyond happy when I noticed they added a key combination, which many brands slip up with. They have included turmeric root, which is amazing as curcumin is an incredibly healthy ingredient, which has anti-inflammatory properties and can keep blood sugar levels steady.

But many brands that include turmeric fail to add in piperine. By adding in piperine (black pepper), you increase the absorption rate by up to 2,000%!

It’s basically pointless having turmeric for health purposes if you’re not going to include piperine, yet I can’t express how many times I’ve seen brands add turmeric without doing their research. Fortunately, I can tell you that CBME have added some black pepper extract into Relieve.

How Much CBD Do They Contain?

The dried pineapple and papaya both contain 35mg of CBD per piece, whereas the apricot contains 50mg of CBD.

This means that you get 175mg of CBD in the taster pack of Uplift and Relax, but you get 250mg of CBD in the Relieve pack.

Why Fortify With CBG?

The lab reports show that two cannabinoids are present in each of the dried fruits, being CBD and CBG.

Anyone who has followed my blog for a while will know what a big fan I am of cannabigerol, however it unfortunately tends to be found in relatively small levels (or non-existent) in most CBD edibles, so it’s another positive to see the presence of CBG in the dried fruit.

Where Can I Buy These From?

All three packs can be purchased from their website, while they also offer free delivery on orders in the UK.

The Uplift and the Relax are priced at £49 for the original pack, or £13 for the taster pack. Relieve, which contains a greater amount of CBD per piece of fruit, is priced at £63, or £15 for the taster pack.
I’m very happy to say you can enjoy 30% off with the discount code CBDSLOTH.

By Tom Bourlet

Being based in Brighton, I have directly witnessed the CBD industry grow and prosper, albeit witnessing the difficulties around legislation and the lack of transparency. I therefore decided to become a neutral viewpoint offering genuine reviews, advice and guidance.

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