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There has always been a desire to have a unique and exciting wedding, however the latest trend seems to be all around incorporating CBD into the wedding. CBD (cannabidiol), is the chemical compound in marijuana with numerous health benefits, which has seen sales double each year in the UK, albeit with a certain level of stagnation in 2020 due to the pandemic.

I have quite remarkably received over 40 enquiries in the past year around how to run a CBD wedding. This involves what foods can be made by bakers, which makeup options would work best, how to handle telling guests and how to share the information. I have been fortunate to witness the industry grow and consumer demand increase to a level I could have never imagined, however the CBD focused activities are something of a surprise. I can see this becoming a top consideration for many when planning their wedding, especially in Brighton.

Having previously worked in the hen party industry, I could see early doors that there was a demand for CBD focused hen party activities, while I’ve also been in the process of setting up CBD afternoon tea activities, which will allow people to try various cannabis infused foods and drinks.

The most common method to incorporate CBD into the wedding is to have the wedding cake cooked with CBD oil included. Of course, the issue here is ensuring all guests are aware of the ingredients, as there is still a negative stigma around cannabis. Beyond wedding cakes, there are now plenty of tasty goodies produced with CBD included, such as cookies, cupcakes and gummies. The number of CBD brands in the UK has quadrupled in the past 12 months, as an increasing number of brands are looking to get in on the action in such a quick growing industry.

Another way brides and grooms have been creating a CBD wedding is by having CBD coffee and tea, using products such as Flora Farmacy Breakfast Tea. Of course, considering how stressful a wedding can be, the fact CBD is known to help alleviate stress and improve your quality of sleep won’t go a miss for anyone wanting to take some in advance.

The cost of CBD oil is around £30-£50 for an average bottle, therefore the costs can sneak up quite high, so if you wanted to try this yourself, you might be better off having a go making some cupcakes from home, rather than via a bakery.

Make-Up Artists

A large number of make-up artists are starting to incorporate cannabidiol infused beauty products, from toner to serum, mascara and primer. Having worked previously in the beauty industry, I watched on with fascination as people exploited the potential skin benefits of CBD, while I now regularly use a CBD moisturiser and serum myself.

It can be difficult to directly find an expert who uses purely CBD based products, but if you’re hiring an MUA then you can specifically ask for them to use a set of products and a lot of the time they will be open to this, providing you provide them.

These products are often packed full of antioxidants, helping to fight off free radicals, they’re rich in fatty acids, Vitamins D and E, can help cell rejuvenation and are antibacterial. Considering the fear around having a break out in the build-up to your big day, especially with stress levels so high, it is a huge positive to see so many positive signs from various studies.

How To Let People Know

CBD is completely legal in the UK, as long as the levels of THC is below 0.2%. THC is the psychoactive constituent of cannabis that gets you ‘high’.

It could be worth sending out a little pamphlet of information to anyone attending to explain the theme and what they can expect.

It is worth highlighting the fact that products will contain minimal amounts of THC, but you will have to offer alternatives for people who are drug tested, whether that’s CBD isolate, broad spectrum or a completely CBD free option for those that are nervous or uncomfortable with trying these out. You don’t want anyone to feel pressured, so it is worth having alternative options available.

There is also a maximum amount of CBD someone should have in a day, with most CBD brands stating 200mg is the max on their packaging, therefore you will have to be careful someone doesn’t consume too much.

The first thought is that older members who are attending might have preconceptions around anything to do with cannabis. However, there is a growing amount of research that CBD can benefit senior individuals and as long as you translate this to your audience, they should be more than happy to give it all a try.

CBD Drinks

There is a growing range of CBD alcohol options available to you, with gin being an increasingly popular alcoholic beverage here in the UK. The growth of sales in gin naturally made this an obvious combination for CBD, while I’ve been reviewing a CBD G&T over the past week (that got blurry) and I was highly impressed with the taste.

I can’t say I’ve found a CBD wine or prosecco yet, which is a shame as this is the drink most people will be expecting to drink at a wedding, but once someone cracks this, they’ll have a big seller on their hands.


Marriaguana, Marriajuana, I couldn’t fully decide on the name, but my plan was to get ordained and to actually introduce the world to Marriaguana! Unfortunately, in the UK you can’t become ordained properly unless you either work for the council or you’re a priest. Considering I’m not religious, this rules out working at the church.

So option 2, working for the council. This has to be a full time role and I don’t know how bad I want to change career path simply for this idea.

The concept might have to remain in my mind for now, setting up CBD weddings and having the whole event catered towards this. If I ever decide to move to the USA then this would be brilliant, but for now I’ll have to settle for being a blogger!

By Tom Bourlet

Being based in Brighton, I have directly witnessed the CBD industry grow and prosper, albeit witnessing the difficulties around legislation and the lack of transparency. I therefore decided to become a neutral viewpoint offering genuine reviews, advice and guidance.

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