I’d firstly like to state that I am not promoting taking on any illegal activities, I’m simply listing some incredible movies that may be even more enjoyable while partaking in a certain activity in countries that allow you to do so.

Now I’ve got that out of the way, let’s dig into the best movies to stick on your TV while having a smoke.

1) Pineapple Express

Arguably the greatest ‘stoner movie’, Pineapple Express is silly and over the top, but it will have you in fits of laughter.

It was also the movie that introduced many people to the cross joint, a creation by James Franco’s character Saul Silver.

Whether it’s the bromance between Craig Robinson and Kevin Corrigan, or the jokes between Seth Rogen and James Franco, the movie will have you in stitches.

2) Inception

Prepare to become philosophical, prepare to debate the concept of being in a dream within a dream and ultimately, prepare to debate whether the totem would keep spinning or drop.

The movie won best picture at the Oscars, but didn’t bring Leonardo Dicaprio his long awaited first Oscar award.

This is one of those films you can watch a few times, mainly just to get your head around it, but Nolan certainly did a great job!

3) Fight Club

I won’t reveal the big twist at the ending, in case you haven’t seen it, but whether you’re awaiting this moment or watching it again and seeing everything through new eyes, this film seems to reveal little moments each time I see it.

‘I am Jack’s cold sweat, I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise’, there are so many classic moments and classic lines from this movie, it’s one I must have seen 20 times and could easily watch a hundred more times.

4) Free Guy

A recent release for this list, this one won’t be winning any awards or gain a record breaking IMDB score, but it will make you laugh and it’s also a bit of a mindbender, in the best way possible.

A character within a game rebelling against its source code and doing whatever the hell it wants, it’s an intriguing movie that caught me by surprise.

Ryan Reynolds is at his absolute best, while Jodie Comer is by far my favourite actress in the world!

5) Shutter Island

Another Leonardo Dicaprio movie for the list, this one is easily one of the greatest movies ever made and is undervalued in the list of greatest movies of all time.

Receiving an 8.2 on IMDB, Shutter Island is a psychological thriller that will have you twisting and turning the whole way through, with an all star studded line-up.

The part I find most interesting about this is that when I ask different people what they think happened at the end, they all seem to give different responses.

6) Chronicle

A bunch of kids gain powers from some form of alien power source. What would they do? Muck around with people by moving their cars in a carpark using their mind!

I love the fact that this film was playful and is quite accurate to how I would act if I had gained powers, I wouldn’t instantly become a superhero, I’d probably have a few laughs with my mates.

The movie takes a dark turn, but I’ll leave you to watch this for yourself.

7) Limitless

Certainly one of my favourite movies, how quickly would you pop the pill if it allowed your entire brain to work and you could get a hell of a lot of work done in a single day. What would you do?

Limitless will make you feel a little guilty when you look around your messy house and realise you maybe could have achieved more that day, but it always mesmerises me each time I see it.

The 2011 blockbuster staring Bradley Cooper had a follow-up TV series that I loved, but it was unfortunately cut after a couple of seasons.

8) The Hangover

The hilarious photo montage at the end credits, Stu searching for his missing tooth, the baby strapped to the front and the hilarious moment they tried to remember from the night before, this movie has some classic scenes.

Down in comedy history as one of the greatest, we can all relate to having a few too many and not remembering the night before, but it’s not normally thanks to a friend slipping you some roofies!

To date, this is the only movie (or set of movies) that I have seen Zach Galifianakis in, which is a shame as he’s hilarious.

9) Next

You won’t find too many Nicholas Cage movies on my lists, no offence to the actor, but he has been involved in some real trash over the years.

However, this movie is an absolute wonder if you’re working your mind, as you see the different potential outcomes the Las Vegas magician will see if they follow a certain path.

The best scene has to be Nicholas Cage approaching Jessica Biel to get her interest and looking in the future to see how every potential flirt or chat-up line will go down. Heads-up, 99% fail miserably.

10) Ted

Seth MacFarlane truly is a comedic genius, the creator and director of Family Guy, who voices most of the characters, this is another gem by the man.

Mark Wahlberg takes central role alongside his animated bear buddy ‘Ted’ as they try to stay clear of a creepy stalker who always wanted his own live bear.

Ted 2 is also worth a watch if you enjoyed the first movie, so you can make a whole night out of this and watch them back to back.

11) The Matrix (1)

The first Matrix movie was my favourite movie of all time throughout my life up until about 5 years ago. I just think it’s a classic and led you to consider so many aspects of the movie.

I also think they ruined it by trying to explain the Matrix over the next couple of movies in what was a dull-fest and a constant set of rubbish CGI.

So, stick to the first movie and you’ll love it, just don’t practice the bullet dodging move, this will only end in pain!

12) Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

Probably the most underappreciated animated movie in existence, Cloudy with a chance of meatballs has so many hilarious lines and funny scenes, I cannot understand why more people haven’t seen it.

This movie will have you giggling away uncontrollably as you follow Steve’s attempts to deliver great tasting food to the island, away from sardines.

13) Wallace and Gromit A Grand Day Out

I could have picked A Close Shave or The Wrong Trousers, both amazing movies and arguably better, but I can imagine more people enjoying Wallace and Gromit heading off to space while relaxing back with a smoke.

The British stop-motion style is a dying breed, considering how long it takes to produce, which is a real shame as it’s so much better than modern computer generated scenes. Crackers Gromit, we forgot the crackers!

14) Princess Mononoke

Studio Ghibli has such a brilliant selection, it can be hard to know where to start, but I have loved these movies since I was a teenager, with my favourite being Princess Mononoke.

Searching to find a cure to the Tatarigami curse, the main protagonist is on a serious mission and the spectacular animation will leave you glued to the screen.

If you’ve not watched any anime before, this is a great one to start with.

15) Interstellar

I know this shouldn’t play a factor in your movie selection, but damn this has a good soundtrack. Hans Zimmer is truly a legend of movie soundtracks!

The mind boggling movie is fascinating to watch and ideally played on the biggest screen possible, so you can take it all in.

16) I Love You, Man

This was the first ‘bromance’ style movie I’d ever seen and is easily the best. Paul Rudd is soon to be married but doesn’t have any close friends, until he meets Jason Segel’s character Sydney, who is free spirited and becomes close mates.

Expect to laugh a lot (slapping da base) and to also wish Jason was your mate, as his character is legendary.

17) Donnie Darko

This dark movie introduced me to Jake Gylenhall and demonstrated his incredible acting abilities. I do love a time travel mind-bending movie, where Donnie makes friends with a giant rabbit named Frank.

Quite remarkably, the movie was filmed in just 28 days. I mean, there aren’t too many sets, so this isn’t mindblowing, but that is incredibly quick to produce such a highly rated movie, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival  and quickly became a cult classic.

18) 21 Jump Street

Watching Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum hallucinating and reacting the consuming drugs was easily my favourite part of this incredible comedy.

The cop friends have to go undercover at a high school, however they find very different experiences from when they were attending school, as they try to enter a drug ring to bring it down.

A nice added bonus is that 22 Jump Street was also pretty good, so this wasn’t a flash in the pan, you can enjoy them back to back.

19) Wanted

This incredible movie follows James McAvoy’s character Wesley Gibson, a frustrated and depressed office worker as he becomes a trained assassin with skills out of this world.

I won’t say too much, as I don’t want to reveal anything, but this was more than just your average action film, it had a great storyline, a great cast and it was cool watching him learn to bend bullets.

All I will say is that you have to ignore the IMDB rating, it has 6.7, but virtually everyone I’ve spoken to has loved this movie.

20) The Big Lebowski

The Dude abides. A comedy classic, it’s hard to explain the movie to someone who hasn’t seen it and I’ve a bad feeling many people now won’t appreciate its true value, but this was such an incredible movie.

The bizarre storyline follows the Dude trying to get remunerations for his damaged rug following an invasion of some goons who target the wrong person accidentally.

The film takes you on a rollercoaster, with some sad moments, some hilarious moments and a whole lot of bowling.

21) Lucy

Not an amazing movie in general, but if you’re in the mood for something dark and mind-bending then this Sci-Fi will be right up your street.

It actually was a great movie for the first ¾’s, but the final 20 minutes seemed to kill it off, like they didn’t know what way to go with it. It follows a similar concept to Limitless, but in a much more brutal way.

Obviously the concept of using the entirety of your brain has been debunked, but don’t let that take away any of the joy of this movie.

22) Dr. Strange

There are plenty of great movies in the Marvel range and I’m sure you could just binge the lot, but this makes the list as it is a lot more interesting from a Sci-Fi angle over action scenes.

The egotistical neurosurgeon is in a terrible accident and loses the abilities in his hands, so he becomes curious about someone else who miraculously recovered, so he seeks their advice, at which point they guide him to a special place far away where they will teach him to heal through the mind.

Teaching Kamar-Taj, Doctor Strange quickly goes form beginner to advanced and then under attack, he becomes an absolute master in this great movie that would be unbelievable as a stand-alone film.

23) Project X

Based on the true story that took place in Australia, Project X is the story of a 16 year old, whose parents left town, leaving him to arrange a house party.

It highlighted the dangers of setting up events on Social Media with an open policy, but more than anything, it was amazing to watch and the party looked legendary.

The 2012 movie is a great flick and also a brilliant film to watch before a night out or before hosting a party, while it’s also a great movie to watch with mates.

24) Edge Of Tomorrow

By now, you might have noticed I like my Sci Fi movies and especially when they deal with time travel, as you contemplate how each action affects the following scenario.

The Edge of Tomorrow, or Live Die Repeat (it oddly has two titles), is by far one of my favourite movies and made me respect Tom Cruise a whole lot more.

It’s another that you can watch multiple times, while the scene where he’s trying to work out his escape from army duty and repeatedly dying is hilarious.

25) Spirit Away

The second Studio Ghibli movie to make the list, Spirited Away is truly bizarre and you’ll find yourself lost in the story as it unfolds around the scared girl trying to turn her parents human again.

Rated 8.6 on IMDB, making it one of the top 100 movies ever made according to that list, it also has a score of 97% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Chihiro enters the world of spirits and goes on a mystical adventure, while this will stay long in the memory.

26) Dogma

Who remembers this one? The movie that introduced me to Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, not to mention Jay and Silent Bob.

The budget was only $10 million, which seems remarkable when you think of the cost of all those superstars taking part in the good vs evil story of Dogma.

A silly fantasy comedy film directed by Kevin Smith (Silent Bob), the movie deals with religion, morals and some silly jokes in the middle.

27) Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

Considering the nature of this post, I can imagine a few other people will be craving some fast food while watching this movie.

This came out all the way back in 2004 and you may not have remembered Neil Patrick Harris starred in the film (I had completely forgotten).

This is one of those perfect movies if you’re in a silly mood and don’t want to concentrate too much.

28) Who Framed Roger Rabbit

One of my favourite movies from childhood, Bob Hoskins stars in this cross animation / live action comedy as a cartoon hating detective.

Roger Rabbit has been accused of murder and needs to prove his innocence quickly, so get ready for a truly odd movie that will pull on your heart strings, even if you can’t work out why.

29) This Is The End

The whole world has turned to hell, demons are walking the streets and all they have is 12 bottles of water, 56 beers, two vodkas, four whiskeys, six bottles of wine, tequila, some food, some grand master kush, an ounce of shrooms, ecstasy and a porno mag.

As you can imagine, this film isn’t to be taken seriously, while it has easily the most celebrities in one movie probably ever.

Quite hilariously, in interviews they have admitted around 85% of the script was improvised as they went, classic!

30) Memento

Watching a movie backwards, you can understand why this concept hasn’t taken off, but for some reason it works perfectly.

This mindblowing film will have you questioning everything, as you follow along and learn more about his tattoos and the meanings behind them.

How many classics has Christopher Nolan made? This was certainly one of the first that got people’s attention and plenty more followed.

By Tom Bourlet

Being based in Brighton, I have directly witnessed the CBD industry grow and prosper, albeit witnessing the difficulties around legislation and the lack of transparency. I therefore decided to become a neutral viewpoint offering genuine reviews, advice and guidance.

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