Has there ever been such a controversial industry as CBD? Tobacco could arguably compete, as cigarette brands would create lies or tricks in their marketing to convince consumers not to think about the negative health implications.

But this is the reverse with CBD oil, with numerous potential health benefits being hindered by public perception, ridiculous myths and, of course, the bad word spread and funded by big pharmaceutical companies. So today I’m going to debunk some CBD myths that have been floating around.

1) CBD Gets You High

The cannabinoid in cannabis that gets you high is THC. While a CBD oil may contain a small amount of THC if it’s full spectrum, the quantity will be so low that it couldn’t get you ‘high’.

For CBD oil to be sold legally in the UK, it has to come from industrial hemp. The difference between hemp and marijuana is the quantity of THC, therefore as long as you’re purchasing from a reliable source then the THC levels will always be below a certain level.

However, it is always worth checking for yourself, so make sure to read the lab report before making your order.

2) CBD Will Make Me Fall Asleep

There are many studies on the potential connection between CBD and improved sleep, however more studies are required in order to show sufficient evidence. It’s also important to remember that it isn’t a medication that will make you fall asleep quicker like a sedative.

Of course, as it (supposedly) helps to alleviate stress, it then could help you to fall asleep much quicker. CBD doesn’t leave you feeling drowsy and won’t make you want to fall asleep, the argument is that if your head is clear of thoughts brought on by stress and anxiety, then you should be able to drift off quicker.

3) CBD Oil Is Illegal

Probably the most common confusion when talking to the general public is the general connection with CBD oil and marijuana.

This myth doesn’t actually surprise me, when you think of where most are getting their information from.

If they watch the BBC News, they will have learned that an epileptic boy had his medication removed by the UK airport security, then it was returned and the law was changed in November 2018 so for severe cases of epilepsy the patient can be prescribed CBD by a doctor.

What they probably don’t know is that this is a high form of THC, however any CBD oil below the THC limit is already legal in this country.

4) CBD Good, THC Bad

This overall view has become a general viewpoint for many people who are slowly starting to enter the industry, that CBD is this amazing ingredient that can cure diseases and THC is this evil ingredient that makes us dopy and have crazy effects on our brain.

However, the studies that are being run to treat certain ailments are being predominantly tested on a high THC form of treatment, or a THC/CBD equal combination.

We’re learning so much each and every day and it’s fascinating to see what can be achieved through this spectacular plant.

5) CBD Oil Is A Fad

In 2021, the sale of CBD products in the UK was believed to value at around £690 million. This is a huge level of growth over the past few years, while it also makes the UK the second biggest market in the world, behind the USA.

With the laws relaxing globally, a growth in brands, multiple uses (beauty as well as edible) and the increasing evidence from studies, we’re expecting 2023 to more than double the previous years results.

Issues around the FSA novel food list has meant many brands have been caught in limbo, struggling to introduce new products to the market and will potentially see the brand disappear in the space of the next two years. But greater regulation is required in this growing industry.

6) CBD Oil Can Make You Hallucinate

You’ve heard us already mention that there is a minute limit to THC in the products you can buy in the UK, well this being the ‘psychotoxic’ ingredient, it is the part that could be held responsible for this reaction, which simply isn’t possible in such small doses.

7) CBD Is Addictive

It is understandable when you take on anything new that you want to be sure you won’t find yourself addicted or reliant on it at any point in the future, so I can’t knock people for this, but CBD is certainly not addictive.

If it was addictive, I’d be in real trouble, considering the amount I have consumed over the past three years!

8) All CBD Oils Are The Same

I cannot express enough how wrong this one is. I have dealt with a number of brands, tried a number of products and experimented galore, as well as interviewing some of the owners of these brands.

Let me openly state that the standards, quality, ingredients, safety procedures and testing is drastically different from one brand to another.

One brand might use MCT oil as the carrier oil, while another might use hemp seed oil. One might contain a full spectrum extract with decent quantities of CBG, while another might be an isolate. It could be a synthetic or naturally sourced.

You should do your utmost to research before you purchase from any company, or feel free to talk to someone such as myself if looking for advice.

9) I Will Fail A Drug Test

I want to add a caution here, you can certainly fail a drug test, as it catches THC, which some of the UK products contain, but not all.

If the product is either a CBD isolate or a broad spectrum then it shouldn’t contain any THC, therefore you shouldn’t fail a drug test. However considering how important this is if you’re tested either for your work or for a sport, it is important to follow up with a company and make sure they’re 100% clear of THC.

Many athletes and firefighters get chronic back pain and use CBD oil as a pain relief, so this is important to know beforehand and to ensure you pick the right product.

10) The CBD Industry Is The Wild West

When I started becoming involved in the industry, back in early 2019, everyone spoke about how it was like the Wild West.

Brands would pop up out of no-where, with shady products and trying to make a quick buck, no evidence of lab reports and utilising non-organic crops grown in China.

Fortunately, the world has moved on quite rapidly from those days and while we’re not exactly in a properly regulated market, we technically have the most regulated CBD market in the world here in the UK.

Image from Flickr Creative Commons.

By Tom Bourlet

Being based in Brighton, I have directly witnessed the CBD industry grow and prosper, albeit witnessing the difficulties around legislation and the lack of transparency. I therefore decided to become a neutral viewpoint offering genuine reviews, advice and guidance.

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