Following on from my review of the FourFive 300mg CBD muscle rub, I’ve since been testing out the high strength CBD oil by the same brand.

While I normally test a CBD oil in the evening, 45 minutes before bed (sleep deprivation was one of the main reasons I started taking CBD oil many years ago), for this week, I mixed it up and tried out micro-dosing through the day with the FourFive spray.

I have to be honest, I’ve not previously come round to micro-dosing, but I’m very much becoming a fan now. Taking 1-2 sprays every few hours allowed for a continual dosage, which helped considering I had meetings galore and presentations to run through.

Which Carrier Oil Do They Use?

As is commonplace in the industry nowadays, FourFive have opted for medium chain triglyceride oil, from coconuts. This is an ideal fatty source to combine with CBD in order to enhance the bioavailability after consumption.

The Taste

Why is orange still so rare to find with CBD oil? It’s an amazing taste, leaving me wanting more. Of course, whenever a CBD oil tastes great, you have to hold temptation not to take too many drops.

With this strength, each spray provides 8.3mg of CBD, so going by the 70mg max per day put forward by the FSA, this would mean you’re allowed a maximum of 8 sprays.

The taste is sweet, which you’d expect with a fruit flavour, but it’s not overly sweet or artificial tasting, as some can be. I can’t tell the exact details of how they achieved the flavour, with the only details being ‘natural orange flavouring’, which often means they use the essential oil from an orange, which is pressed and extracted from the peel.

Expiry Date

As many smaller brands have been struggling to stay afloat, not helped by the strict and difficult rules from the FSA, it means that many of these brands are pushing out old batches at lower prices. The issue with that is you often get a CBD oil with just 4-6 months on the BBE date.

Of course, a BBE is exactly that, a ‘best before’ rather than a Use By, but one benefit to the huge success of FourFive is that they’re regularly producing new batches and the CBD oil I’ve received has 18 months on it. Of course, the CBD oil will be long gone before then, but nice to know I have a cushion of time.

How Long Will The Bottle Last?

This really does depend on how many sprays you take, but each 30ml bottle contains 240 sprays. If you went to the top end, taking 8 sprays (which is much more than most would take), this bottle would last 30 days.

But the average person starting out might want 20mg per day, so let’s say you had 3 sprays, providing 24.9mg of CBD, this would mean you’d get 80 days worth, being just over 2.5 months.

A Spray

I do find it unique when I review a spray, as 90% of the CBD oils in the UK market are with a dropper. A dropper can allow you to customise exactly how much you want (you’re not refrained by precise measurements of a spray), however a spray allows for more accurate dosages.

Why sprays haven’t been adopted much in the UK, I’m not too sure, but I like the fact that FourFive offer this. It’s much easier to use and to get the drops below your tongue with ease.

Bottle Size

As you may have noticed, the bottle size is a fair bit bigger than most you find in the UK. Don’t get it confused, you’re not getting more CBD, the amount it says on the label is exactly what you get, this bottle contains 2,000mg of CBD, it just changes how concentrated it is.

Most brands in the UK have 10ml bottles, while in the USA they have 30ml bottles. This simply means you have to work out your dosages accordingly, adjusting your measurements if you’re used to using a 10ml spray. A 1ml drop from a 2,000mg 10ml bottle would provide 200mg, a 1ml drop from a 2,000mg 30ml bottle would provide 66.6mg.

Sorry to waffle on, but I know this confuses a lot of people, so thought it was worth adding in.

Where Can I Buy This From?

You can order the FourFive CBD Oral Spray from their website for £65, or £52 if you subscribe to a monthly delivery, which means you get 20% off.

If you’re working to a lower budget, they also have the 1,000mg CBD oil for £45 and the 500mg spray for £28, but this inevitably means you can benefit from the economies of scale, so stronger the bottle, cheaper per milligram of CBD.

By Tom Bourlet

Being based in Brighton, I have directly witnessed the CBD industry grow and prosper, albeit witnessing the difficulties around legislation and the lack of transparency. I therefore decided to become a neutral viewpoint offering genuine reviews, advice and guidance.

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