Starting out with CBD can be incredibly difficult. You’re provided with numerous options, all of which seem to be in a language you can’t understand, while that’s before you’ve even tried tackling the lab reports.

This is why Potyque have introduced the Titration kit, which is a CBD oil starter pack, to help you start off slowly and build up as you progress, to work out your tolerance levels. You also benefit from economies of scale, as the Titration pack saves you £65 compared to if you bought all three tinctures individually.

Who Are Potyque?

A member of Cannabis Trades Association since April 2020 and registered in Huddersfield (the home of my dad so always a place close to me), Potyque is run by Andrew and Michelle Rust. They use only green chemicals and food-based solvents to ensure both potency and purity, to extract simply the finest grade CBD, which forms the basis of their entire CBD range.

How Much CBD Do You Get?

The Titration pack comes with three different strengths, 5%, 10% and 20%. Percentages mean nothing unless you know the size of the bottle, so to offer some clarity, the tinctures are 10ml, meaning you get 500mg, 1,000mg and 1,500mg.

Their certificates of analysis are available via the footer of their website. These are full spectrum CBD oil’s, meaning you will also find a presence of other cannabinoids, such as CBG, CBN, CBC, plus a minor amount of THC. I’m a big fan of any CBD oil that has a decent amount of CBG, so when you’re looking at different options, I always recommend considering this before making a purchase.

They also colour code the boxes based on the strengths, not that this makes any real difference, but a nice branding addition I quite like.

How Much Do I Take?

The 5% will provide you with 2.5mg per drop, the 10% contains 5mg per drop and the 20% contains 10mg per drop.

You may want to start off with 2-3 drops of the 5% (5-7.5mg of CBD) and gradually increase the number of drops or go up in strength via the other tinctures.

The amount you use is down to your personal situation, no two people are the same, so take everything you read with a pinch of salt and simply start off slow until you find that right point. I personally have 40mg per day, however I’ve consumed a fair amount over the years and you may not need anywhere near this much if you’re just starting out.

Remember that the FSA sets a general recommended max intake in a 24 hour period of 70mg, however you probably won’t be going anywhere near this figure.

Just in case people get confused, because they really do with this point, a drop is a single drop into your mouth, it’s not a full squeeze of the tincture, that would be way too much. Remember to shake the bottle before you use it.

Which Carrier Oil Do They Use?

They use MCT oil, which is my favourite carrier oil for CBD due to its ability to increase the bioavailability, as well as numerous health and weight loss benefits. I actually keep a bottle of MCT oil on my desk and often have a little swig just before a workout to give me an extra shot of energy.

How Long Will This Product Last?

That all depends on your consumption rate. Each tincture holds 200 drops, so if you were to take 2 drops per day, you’d get an unbelievable 100 days per bottle. Having said that, I’d assume you’d build up to 20mg per day, which would mean the 5% would eventually last 25 days, the 10% would last 50 days and the 20% would last 100 days, altogether keeping you going for almost half a year of continuous daily usage.

In regards to a products life expectancy, the products I have are marked with a 1 year expiry date. Having said that, I don’t personally believe they will be gone off or bad after this date, but simply that the quality might start to diminish over time following this date, especially if left open at any point.

Where Can I Buy This From?

The Potyque Titration pack can be bought from their website for £200, or you can go to the shop section to buy the tinctures individually.

By Tom Bourlet

Being based in Brighton, I have directly witnessed the CBD industry grow and prosper, albeit witnessing the difficulties around legislation and the lack of transparency. I therefore decided to become a neutral viewpoint offering genuine reviews, advice and guidance.

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