Today I’ll be reviewing the Slovenian CBD brand Hemptouch’s premium quality CBD Oil Amber. The product utilises a CO2 extraction method in order to achieve the greatest results possible, resulting in maximum strength CBD. The brand is quickly growing, with an increasing presence in the USA, Germany and Italy, while it is starting to crack the UK. It’s also full spectrum, something I have spoken about in the past, meaning it contains all those ingredients you want for the entourage effect, including CBDV, CBC, BCP, CBG and CBDA.

How Long Will The Bottle Last?

The 10 ml bottle contains 200 drops. The recommended dosage is 2-5 drops under your tongue to be taken each day. This means at the minimal consumption per day, it should last 100 days, while at the larger consumption level it should last 40 days. This is a considerable amount longer than some of the other products I’ve actually been reviewing, so is definitely of interest.

How Much CBD Oil Is In Each Drop?

Each drop contains 2.5mg of CBD per drop. As you can imagine, this means you are in control, with the recommended dosage between 5mg and 12.5mg. Most people start off with 5mg, so if you are taking this as your first CBD oil then I recommend just a couple of drops and then going from there. It’s a full spectrum CBD made in the EU, meaning it meets EU legislations.

In regards to the CBD itself, I am using the 500mg bottle for this review, however you can alternatively order it in 300mg, 1,000mg or 1,500mg.

You should also make sure to have a look through my list of the best CBD oil to see how Hemptouch scores.

Where Can I Purchase It From?

The Hemptouch CBD oil Amber can be purchased from their website or it can also be found in a number of CBD stores.

The prices I have available are in euro’s, so I might have to do some calculations later and come back to this article, but the 300mg is 26 euro’s, 500mg is €32, 1,000 is €69 and 1,500 is €99.

Who Are Hemptouch?

Hemptouch are a Slovenian CBD brand based on the principles of honesty and sustainability. The brand, co-founded by Silvija, believe nature is the best medicine and that ingredients such as hemp oil are a great way to maintain health and youthful skin.

Beyond oils, they have a strong focus on their beauty section, with products including skin balms, face creams and cleansers. With the belief that sensitive skin can be damaged by alcohol, parabens and other chemicals, they have focused on providing a premium range of products that can naturally help to soothe and replenish the skin.

How Long Is The Expiry Date?

The bottle I have has one year until it expires, which I presume will be around the same with others you may purchase from the brand. Of course, it is probably fine after this date, however the levels it claims may have decreased, especially if previously opened.

How Do You Take It?

It uses a drop system, where you squeeze the top, then drop as many as you need under your tongue. The only issue with this is I couldn’t perfectly feel it as I dropped it in my mouth and I had a few too many drops, not a big deal at all but bad if you’re trying to ration it out.


Many of these oils claim to be full spectrum and deliver a similar level of CBD, however I do find it really interesting that they use a CO2 extraction method, something I’ve been reading more about in recent times.

By Tom Bourlet

Being based in Brighton, I have directly witnessed the CBD industry grow and prosper, albeit witnessing the difficulties around legislation and the lack of transparency. I therefore decided to become a neutral viewpoint offering genuine reviews, advice and guidance.

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