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Courtesy of The CBD Retailer, a Hertfordshire based CBD e-commerce site, I’ll be reviewing the CBDMD Premium Gummies, which you can purchase directly from their website. I’m always a big fan of reviewing CBD gummies (what a weird job I have), while this is a brand I’ve been aware of for quite some time.

How Did They Taste?

To be blunt, they tasted amazing! It wasn’t always fully distinguishable what the flavours were and whether they truly tasted different between colours, but they all tasted absolutely scrumptious. Raquel was alongside me giving them a taste and she was a big fan as well. For the record, the flavours were strawberry, tropical, orange and raspberry.

Obviously, that great taste does come with a note that they do contain sugar, with around 2 grams of sugar per serving (1 gummy).

How Much CBD Do You Get?

A pack contains 750mg of CBD in the tub I was sent, while there are 30 gummies, meaning 25mg of CBD per gummy. This is a decent amount, with most CBD gummies varying between 5-25mg of CBD, so this is at the top end and works out quite well for getting my targeted dosage.

Unlike the CBD oil I normally take in the evening 30 minutes before bed, I switched for the testing of the gummies, as I didn’t want sugar before going to bed. My day is filled with presentations, client calls and marketing proposals, therefore there is plenty of anxiety packed in, so sneaking a CBDMD gummy beforehand worked wonders. The one note is the added time it takes for it to work. Unlike CBD oil which takes 20-30 minutes to be ‘activated’, or vaping which is virtually instantaneous, CBD edibles tend to take a bit longer, meaning I gave it around an hour to work.

One tip I would give would be to treat a gummy like CBD oil. Don’t just chew it and swallow, you need to place it under your tongue for 1-2 minutes, before eating the sweet. This should allow some of the cannabidiol to enter your blood stream.

On the back of the pack, you will find a QR code, which will take you to the CBDMD website COA page, where you can check for the lab report for your batch. If reading a certificate of analysis leaves your head spinning, make sure to have a read of my guide to CBD lab reports.

The lab report offers the usual comfort levels, that it passes the safety analysis for pesticides, heavy metals, microbials and other nasties you don’t want to find. It also highlighted that THC was non detectable. This is very much an isolate, often used in gummies to prevent the terpenes affecting the flavour, with all the other cannabinoids (except a minor amount from CBDV) showing up as non detectable.

The CBD is extracted from USA based hemp, while they also go through third party testing by ISO-certified labs.

Are These Vegan Friendly?

Yes, they don’t contain gelatine like most jelly based sweets would. Instead, they use pectin, a plant based option, in order to bind the ingredients. This is a growing trend with CBD gummies, as they try to please a growing dietary change. The flavour isn’t affected at all, it has that great taste regardless of missing out on gelatine, you seriously wouldn’t know the difference. If anything, I’d argue the vegan friendly gummies all taste better than their gelatine based alternatives.

How Much Vitamin C Do You Get?

As you may have noticed from the packaging, these gummies have added Vitamin C, for a welcome added health bonus. Each gummy contains 10mg of Vitamin C, while you should be getting around 40mg of Vitamin C per day according to the NHS. Considering most people struggle to get their ‘five a day’ (in reality, we should be getting at least 7 vegetables per day, plus a couple of fruit), this is a great supplement to help you reach this figure.

Where Can I Purchase These From?

The CBDMD 750mg premium CBD gummies can be purchased from the CBD Retailer website for £69.99, which also qualifies you for free delivery (over £50) within the UK. Of course, if you went for a smaller pack and don’t reach the £50 mark, the delivery cost will be £3.95, so it is probably worth bringing your basket up to this level. They utilise the Royal Mail standard delivery, while they aim to ship within a couple of days from the order being made.

The CBD Retailer also stocks CBD oil, capsules, topicals and bath bombs, so before making a purchase, make sure to have a sift through their complete range.

By Tom Bourlet

Being based in Brighton, I have directly witnessed the CBD industry grow and prosper, albeit witnessing the difficulties around legislation and the lack of transparency. I therefore decided to become a neutral viewpoint offering genuine reviews, advice and guidance.

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