I’ve tried my fair few CBD tea’s, in fact I’ve made a list of the best CBD tea in the UK, however I haven’t had so many coffee versions yet so when Cheerful Buddha got in contact, I was more than eager to give them a try. This 100% natural product utilises only rain forest alliance quality green beans for their coffee.

The Taste

I’m an avid coffee drinker, knocking back way too many each morning, therefore I’ve annoyingly gained an expensive and luxurious taste, therefore my standards were sky high. Fortunately, they were met with flying colours. I expected a stronger, overpowering CBD taste, however the aroma and taste was very much all around the Columbian blend medium roast beans, which were perfect.

How Much CBD Is In A Pack?

A single pack holds 100mg of CBD. The amount you gain in a coffee all depends on how much you stack in per cup, but they have some general guidelines based on your usage. If using a cafetière (which I did) then they say 18 grams of the coffee (each pack contains 100 grams, to offer you an idea this is a couple of heaped tablespoons worth) combined with 450ml of water. Considering the balance of 100 gram weight versus 100mg of CBD, I would presume each cup would contain around 9mg of CBD, but again this is a rough estimate (based on my terrible maths).

If you plan on having an espresso then it recommends 7 grams of coffee, while if you are using a filter machine then it recommends 35grams of coffee alongside 1,000ml of water.

One extra point is that this is apparently completely free of THC, which would mean people who are drug tested would be ok to have the coffee without potentially showing up on results. However I’d also recommend asking the brand before purchasing if you are tested, to 100% ensure you are ok.

I did find the coffee very moreish which meant I had to remain aware this wasn’t a normal coffee and it is a little more premium and you also need to be aware of the quantity of CBD you have consumed. The general recommendation most brands offer is 100mg at an absolute max, which would work out as one whole pack, so hopefully you won’t go anywhere near this amount (unless you have a serious amount of coffee in a single day).

The Packet

This might be a minor thing for some, but I buy a lot of filter coffee and they often come in non-resealable packs, meaning once it is open you need a peg to keep it closed and it is slowly being oxygenated, lowering the quality over time. With the Cheerful Buddha packaging, they have a resealable line at the top, helping to keep the quality high, something I’m very grateful to see and while it might have been a minor additional cost, it makes a huge difference and something I admire.

Also, just as a little bonus, I love their design! It’s really slick, great use of colours and looks incredibly professional.

Carrier Oil

I recently wrote about the best carrier oil for CBD, where I stated MCT oil was by far the best. However, not many brands are yet offering this as a supporting carrier oil, but hellow Cheerful Buddha! They do exactly that, helping to improve the bioavailability of the CBD, as well as being a nice little health boost. Obviously I’m not sure the quantity would be very high, considering the powder form, but it is still a strong positive.

Where Can I Buy Cheerful Buddha CBD Coffee

The easiest place to purchase this great product would be from the Cheerful Buddha website, where it is available for £13.95 per pack. Some of the other big CBD sites such as Nature’s Health Box are also stocking the product.

By Tom Bourlet

Being based in Brighton, I have directly witnessed the CBD industry grow and prosper, albeit witnessing the difficulties around legislation and the lack of transparency. I therefore decided to become a neutral viewpoint offering genuine reviews, advice and guidance.

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  1. This looks like just the sort of thing I’d buy/try . Great coffee & a health kick( CBD & MCT Oil !). Looked on their website & they have certificate u can view from a laboratory that has tested the content of the CBD oil ( NO THC). 👍☕️

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