That’s right, I’m reviewing chocolate for a living, I’m living the childhood dream! The chocolate I’ve been trying the last few days comes courtesy of Cheerful Buddha, the brand I recently reviewed the chocolate and hazelnut CBD drops for, which was beyond tasty, so expectations are high.

Where Does The Cocao Come From?

The cocao beans come from the Seram Island, part of the Maluka islands archipelago in Indonesia.

Imagine those incredible beach bungalows lofted over the turquoise sea, with sandy beaches and exotic birds overhead, yep, I want to go there!

Seram Island is mountainous and densely forested, it’s known as one of the most remote cocao terroirs globally.

You should sense notes of spice and coffee, with a nutty richness…Depending on the skill level of your palette. I just tasted scrumptious chocolate, but it is CBD I’m a connoisseur of.

How Big Is The Pack?

The entire bar is 70 grams, while it contains 70mg of CBD, meaning it’s 1mg per gram.

This means if you were to tuck into a sixth of the bar, you would get 11.65mg of CBD. Considering I want around 40mg of CBD in a day, this means I have absolutely no choice but to eat half the bar, oh no!

The maximum CBD the FSA recommends you consume in a day is 70mg, which works out as the whole bar, so unless you get incredibly peckish you should be fine.

Beyond the presence of CBD, the handcrafted ‘bean to bar’ dark chocolate contains a small amount of CBG, my favourite cannabinoid of them all.

How Does It Taste?

You wouldn’t know you were eating anything containing hemp, all you can taste is dark chocolate and oh wow, I loved it.

I don’t often eat chocolate, so when I do it’s a proper treat. I won’t lie, I was tempted to melt it in a croissant, but then I reminded myself I’m doing a review, not embracing my inner fatty.

At 70%, I feel it’s the perfect level of bitter versus sweet, while it certainly tasted of a luxury chocolate bar.

Are There Other Options?

I have the natural CBD chocolate, which I love, but if you’re after something with a bit of a twist, they also have a mint and an orange option.

I have to admit I’m quite curious about the orange chocolate version, I’m a bit of a sucker for a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, so I can see myself tucking into this way too quick.

The price, CBD quantity or size doesn’t change if you choose a different flavour, so feel free to pick the one you’d like the most.

Can I Cook With This?

You can if you wish, but I wouldn’t recommend it. but the one word of caution I would add is that CBD can be less effective once heated. It also becomes incredibly bitter if heated up too high, CBD is a terrible cooking oil, so you shouldn’t directly heat it, instead a poaching method at low temperatures may yield better results.

For this reason, I’d suggest just eating the chocolate as it comes, or if you do want to heat it, keep the temperature at no higher than 120 degrees.

One alternative option could be to blend the chocolate into a smoothie, which won’t involve any heating and can still taste amazing. I’d try CBD chocolate, strawberries, banana, hemp milk (or milk of choice) and some manuka honey.

Where Can I Buy This From?

You can order the Cheerful Buddha ‘Bean-to-Bar’ CBD Infused 70% Dark Chocolate from their website for £9.95.

The delivery is handled by Royal Mail for UK deliveries, providing you order 1-3 packs, or over this number they will arrange recorded delivery.

If you want to order to the EU, you can still get free delivery as long as you reach the minimum of £40. For orders  around the rest of the world, they can deliver providing CBD is legal in your country, with deliveries handled by DHL Air.

By Tom Bourlet

Being based in Brighton, I have directly witnessed the CBD industry grow and prosper, albeit witnessing the difficulties around legislation and the lack of transparency. I therefore decided to become a neutral viewpoint offering genuine reviews, advice and guidance.

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