The last couple of years has blown by, as CBD Sloth has evolved from a site to chase cowboys who were advertising inferior products, to becoming a blog with reviews of 195 different CBD based products.

CBD Sloth is now a media partner for the World CBD Awards, plus it has been featured in the Metro and Mirror over the past year. This has been a year where CBD Sloth actually became my part time career, bringing in 30% of my monthly revenue.

My Previous Goals

I set a number of personal goals for myself and the website a year ago, so I thought it would be interesting to look back and see how I did.

  • Publish twice per week throughout the entire year!

I actually stepped this up and posted 3-4 times per week throughout the entire year.

  • Produce regular video content

I fell short on this aim, with 13 videos made over the past 12 months. The YouTube channel now has 31 subscribers, the lowest of my social profiles, so I know I definitely need to start creating more video content.

  • Reach 3,000 followers on Instagram

I blew this one out of the water! I’m flying towards the 10,000 mark, despite only have 1,000 on the 1st April 2020. Instagram has also been a very useful tool to connect with CBD brands and to build partnership opportunities.

  • Appear on TV and radio

I was in talks with a producer about featuring on the Tonight show, but that one fell short as they were based in Manchester and I’m down South. Other than that, this one fell short.

  • Attend multiple CBD conferences and network more

Ah, to think a year ago I thought conferences and exhibitions would still be going ahead! Hopefully I’ll get the chance over the next year to finally attend some more.

  • Build out my affiliate partnerships.

While I did build out the affiliate partnerships, I have focused on other aspects and started charging a set rate for reviews in order to keep up with demand. For anyone interested in becoming an affiliate, I’d recommend having a read through my list of the best CBD affiliate programs.

  • The site traffic has been going up 20% each month, however this figure will be harder to reach as it continues to increase, but my aim is to reach 10,000 visits per month by the end of year 2.

I fell slightly short of this aim, getting in 9,614 visits in January, however this was still a significant increase. March achieved a 233% growth in traffic compared to the year before, while it was up 713% on Google.

Goals Going Forward

I wanted to set myself a few new targets for 1st April 2022 to make sure I have something to aim for, which I’ve highlighted below:

  • Considering the rapid growth of my profile on Twitter, which is getting close to 39,000, I want to set an aim to reach 50,000 followers by the 1st April 2022.
  • I might have seen a rapid growth on Instagram, but I don’t want to set my sights too high and fall short, so I’d like to reach 15,000 by next year.
  • Attend the World CBD Awards, this one is based slightly on my ability to travel abroad, with Coronavirus on the mind, but I would love to attend the ceremony, especially as I’ve nominated myself for the influencer of the year award.
  • Write a minimum of 3 articles per week. It’s a hefty content schedule which has kept me constantly busy all weekend, but it’s also the biggest factor in my website seeing exponential growth in traffic, so I want to continue the hard work.
  • Create a minimum of 20 videos. I don’t like being in front of the camera, in fact I hate it, but I know I have to overcome that issue and start creating more videos, so I’ve set a relatively small target of just 20 videos, being a big increase on the past 12 months.

By Tom Bourlet

Being based in Brighton, I have directly witnessed the CBD industry grow and prosper, albeit witnessing the difficulties around legislation and the lack of transparency. I therefore decided to become a neutral viewpoint offering genuine reviews, advice and guidance.

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