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I don’t do as many vaping reviews, with most of my product reviews being CBD oil so this was an interesting change from the norm. I’ve been trying the Amarena cherry flavour by Truverra, a brand of which I have been testing a number of products for and will be releasing articles on very soon, so keep your eyes out for plenty more by this exciting brand!

How Does It Taste?

I have a box with 7 products by Truverra, but I went straight for the cherry e-liquid as I’m a huge fan of this flavour! In pies, eating straight or in an alcoholic beverage, I just love cherry! So I certainly wasn’t disappointed with the sweet taste while vaping. It is labelled as a premium mixture, which is a fair reflection of the quality.

Other than cherry, they also have green apple, lime, honeydew and menthol blue, meaning you can pick the flavour that suits you. The flavoured e-liquids either come as 3% (300mg) or 5% (500mg).

How Much CBD Is There?

An entire bottle contains 500mg (5%) of CBD, while it’s full spectrum CBD, meaning you can benefit from the entourage effect thanks to the combination of cannabinoids present. There is also less than 0.05% THC present, while you can find their 3rd party lab test results online. The bottle is 10ml, the norm you expect with most CBD e-liquids.

As you would expect (and demand), it is herbicide and pesticide free, 100% natural and non GMO. It’s also sourced from prime European hemp farms, meaning it meets EU legislation and quality requirements.

Before adding to your vaping device, make sure to shake the liquid in the bottle and then pour it in. The ingredients contain Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin and Hemp Full Plant Extract.

If this is your first time trying CBD then you might generally want to try a lower dosage to start with and build up as you progress and work out what works best for your body. There are general guidelines, but what I’ve learned is that everyone is different and you need to find the ideal amount for optimal results.

What Pen Did You Use?

I’ve still got a Vapour2 vape pen which has proven useful as it has a USB connection, meaning I can charge it on my laptop and then vape whenever I need. In all honesty, most of the pens seem pretty similar to me, it’s all about the quality of the e-liquid you’re adding.

Who Are Truverra?

Unlike many of the CBD brands that have popped up over the past 12 months, Truverra are an established brand which has been around since 2010. The e-liquid is just one of their products, of which they have CBD oils, balms, capsules, creams and supplements.

Where Can I Purchase The Truverra Cherry CBD E-liquid?

The e-liquid can be easily purchased from the Truverra website for £37.99, while they also offer free delivery in the UK for all orders over £20, of which this qualifies. The delivery is tracked for free and takes approximately 48 hours till arrival. Also, if you use the discount code ‘cbdsloth’ then you will get 10% off!

So did I leave anything out? Do you have any more questions about the Truverra cherry e-liquid? Do let me know either by email or in the comments and I’ll make sure to answer all your questions!

By Tom Bourlet

Being based in Brighton, I have directly witnessed the CBD industry grow and prosper, albeit witnessing the difficulties around legislation and the lack of transparency. I therefore decided to become a neutral viewpoint offering genuine reviews, advice and guidance.

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