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I’m very happy to say I’ve been reviewing the new Nano Technology range by Hemporium CBD. This UK based family run brand was initiated by Jade Emily McNally, while they’re very much a new brand, having launched in July 2020. The choice in flavours, ground breaking technology and high quality standards lead me to believe this will certainly become one of the biggest brands in Europe over the next few years.

Why Opt For Nano Technology?

Hemporium use nano technology in order to formulate the products so that you will have a greater bio-availability after consumption. In case you weren’t sure, nontechnology is focused on the innovation around creating things on the scale of atoms and molecules.

The science nerd in me was instantly curious to learn more about how Hemporium CBD are introducing this technology and research to create a whole new range of ground-breaking products.

By shrinking the particles down to a much smaller scale, they state that this means they’re four times more bioavailable, meaning you gat the maximum amount of benefits from the nutrient.


Hemporium have five different delicious flavours which you can pick from:

  • Mint
  • Vanilla custard
  • Sweet strawberry
  • Lemon
  • Unflavoured

I’ve always been fine with unflavoured CBD oil, but I know many other people struggle with the taste, so by providing such interesting flavours, they’re helping people to pass this issue while actually enjoying the process of supplementing with CBD. Many brands have a mint flavoured CBD oil, but creating a lemon, strawberry or vanilla custard is incredibly creative.

They offer the broad spectrum CBD oil either as 1,000mg or 2,000mg of CBD, while I’ve detailed the flavours I’m testing below. I should mention that they also have a full spectrum CBD oil, but I’ve been testing the broad spectrum.

Lemon Flavour CBD Oil

When I opened up the lemon flavoured CBD oil, I was expecting a bitter taste, much like a few other lemon flavoured CBD oil’s I’ve tried. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find it tasted more like a lemon drizzle cake, with a soft kick of sweetness.

Sweet Strawberry CBD Oil

While a number of fruity flavours have entered the CBD market, I’ve often felt confused and disappointed that there hasn’t been a strawberry flavour, considering how nice this could be. Well I’m happy to say Hemporium have conquered this flavour perfectly. The flavour reminds me of strawberry Ribena, which I’m guilty of drinking a fair amount too much, so I was all smiles.

Natural Unflavoured CBD Oil

This is the CBD oil that I got in the 2,000mg version and I’m a bit of a free pourer, so I found this one worked the best for me when testing them out, but again, that could be that I consumed a higher dosage.

This is CBD in it’s natural taste and aroma, but for me it didn’t have that strong cannabis taste that some have, so you will find it is more subtle in flavour, which is good for those who do struggle with the natural flavour normally.

CBD Balm

There is something that stands out about this product, I’ve reviewed a number of CBD balms, but absolutely none of them have contained anywhere near 2,000mg of CBD! They offer the option of 1,000mg or 2,000mg, but I’ll be reviewing the 2,000mg version.

Something I love about this product is how easily it spreads in. It sounds silly, but I’ve reviewed quite a few balms that are hard and it just makes it a bit harder if you need to get some out, however this was soft to the touch and spread into the skin like a cream.

I’d recommend rubbing it into the skin for a good 20 seconds, to ensure it is sufficiently absorbed. I know it can be tempting to rub for a second and then move on, but if you spend a bit more time on the application then you might find you get greater results.

I added this to my ankle as I’ve had a succession of injuries there, preventing me from getting back on my bike. I’m going through a rehabilitation process, while I didn’t get any pain after application, so it seems to be all positive news. Obviously, it’s hard to say how much it was enhanced, as I tried to take it easy and spend a fair amount of time sitting down, but with the ingredients included, I have every belief this helped.

Apart from the full spectrum hemp, this product also contains shea butter, white paraffin, coconut butter, hemp oil paste and aloe vera extract. Shea butter will help by moisturising the dry skin and reducing any skin inflammation, while the aloe vera will offer similar benefits, as well as offering anti-ageing properties.

Raw Hemp Paste

This was arguably the product I was most excited about testing. They always look like I’m taking a dodgy needle, but I have found I’ve got the best results from using raw hemp paste. This could be partly due to them being in their more original state, meaning you get a lot more a’s (like CBDA).

You take the raw hemp paste the exact way you would take CBD oil, sublingually under the tongue. It is a little harder to measure so you have to be careful and soft with your touch, as I have a tendency for being too heavy handed and putting too much in my mouth with pastes. Having said that, they have placed markers on the side of the syringe, so you can see 0.2ml measurements quite easily. It sounds so obvious, but every other paste I’ve tried, the brand hasn’t done this.

The 10ml syringe holds 1,000mg of CBD, while a 0.2ml dosage would provide you with 20mg of CBD, which is pretty spot on what most people aim to have in a single serving. You can pick up some raw hemp paste for £45, a little more expensive than the other options on this list, but worth every penny.

Premium CBD E-Liquid

I have three different flavours of Hemporium CBD e-liquid which I’ve been working through, all offering a very different flavour, but amazing in their own unique ways. I tried each in 500mg versions, however they do also provide a 1,000mg e-liquid in the same flavours if you want something a little stronger.

I tried lemon pound cake, bubblegum OG and pink lemonade, while the other flavours you could get include blue dream, hi berry and grandaddy purple.

As with the lemon CBD oil, my favourite was the lemon pound cake, smelling and tasting of a lemon drizzle cake (I’m getting hungry just writing this).

All three were sweet to taste and easy on the throat. They were also very competitively priced at £20 per bottle.

While I’m not a smoker, meaning vaping has always felt a little alien to me, I have to admit that it is the fastest acting method and is great if you’re in need of a quick boost of CBD, such as before a meeting or an important phone call, of which I have a lot in a day!

Where Can I Buy These From?

The entire Hemporium CBD nano technology range is available from their website. If you have any questions before making a purchase, feel free to get in contact with me, or speak to their team directly, while they’re highly responsive on Social Media as well as via email.

By Tom Bourlet

Being based in Brighton, I have directly witnessed the CBD industry grow and prosper, albeit witnessing the difficulties around legislation and the lack of transparency. I therefore decided to become a neutral viewpoint offering genuine reviews, advice and guidance.

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