I’ll be honest, I hadn’t heard of CBD candles up until recently. I’ve tested virtually everything CBD based, but this was a new one for me.

I have bought a number of candles as birthday and Christmas presents for a family friend, always opting for the ones containing essential oils such as jasmine, lavender and eucalyptus.

I have also seen the search volume increase over the past few years for CBD candles, with not much information on the subject, so I wanted to dive into the important facts, potential reasons to buy them and how much they should cost.

What Are CBD Candles?

These are candles that have been infused with CBD, or cannabidiol, a phytocannabinoid from cannabis. These are extracted from industrial hemp and are included for their supposed therapeutic benefits.

Can You Get High Off CBD Candles?

The part that would get you high in cannabis is THC. If the plant has a high amount of THC, it is classified as marijuana, if the plant has below a certain percentage (depending on which country you’re in), it is classified as hemp.

As the CBD candles will be utilising hemp extract, it will most likely not have any THC, but it might contain a small amount. Either way, the quantity of THC wouldn’t be anywhere near enough to get you ‘high’.

What Are The Supposed Benefits Of CBD Candles?

As always, I have to state that I cannot directly talk on the potential benefits of CBD. However, I will highlight what the supposed benefits are and the reasons why people are ordering them.

  1. This study examines the potential therapeutic benefit of CBD to enhance sleep patterns, as does this one.
  2. One animal study suggested that CBD could also help with anxiety and reducing stress.
  3. For those that want to try out CBD but don’t want to ingest it, this offers an alternative solution.

Do CBD Candles Do Anything?

This is where I’m a little dubious. I have tested many CBD products out and I can talk from a personal perspective, however my reviews have largely been around sublingual consumption, to ensure the bioavailability is high for optimal results.

But I’m struggling to see how a candle would achieve the same results. That’s not to say it won’t achieve what you’re hoping for, but I theorise that alternative consumption methods would offer a better solution.

How Much CBD Is In A CBD Candle?

This will differ between products, while I would strongly recommend reading the lab reports on the website before making an order.

If you can’t find a lab report, you should email the brand to ask for one. If they refuse to provide one, you certainly shouldn’t order anything from them, as they either haven’t produced the relevant third party lab test results, or the results may show the product doesn’t provide what it says on the tin.

While many of the product pages didn’t state the quantity, which is a little odd, most seemed to contain around 100mg.

Do CBD Candles Make You Sleepy?

No, CBD candles shouldn’t make you drowsy at all, as none of the ingredients should have this ability. Obviously, candles tend to go hand-in-hand with the wellbeing sector and are normally utilised at a time when you’re trying to create a relaxing environment, therefore a knock-on effect is you might naturally feel tired, but this won’t be due to the ingredients in the candle.

It should be stated that you should be careful around falling asleep with a candle lit, as this could lead to a dangerous situation with a potential fire.

Are There Other Names For CBD Candles?

Yes, they are sometimes known as cannabis candles or hemp candles. The product should be the same regardless of the title given, providing you’re buying them in a country where THC is limited, however if it isn’t called a CBD candle, then it might not have high levels of CBD within the product.

This is why it is critical to check the lab report, as some products labelled ‘hemp’ may not actually contain much CBD, which may be the main reason you’re ordering this product.

What Other Ingredients Are Included In A CBD Candle?

Firstly, you should consider the wax, which could be soy, beeswax, coconut or many other options. They may also include essential oils, which can have therapeutic benefits. The candle may also have a fragrance included, to make the room smell nice.

Can You Get A Vegan CBD Candle?

Absolutely, the CBD aspect is vegan anyway, while the vegan candle may be made from coconut, rapeseed wax or soy. Most candles aren’t vegan as they may contain beeswax or stearic acid, therefore if you’re vegan then it is worth double checking the ingredients before making an order.

How Much Do They Cost?

I have looked through a number of websites that are selling CBD candles and the prices seem to average around £20-25, or $25-31.

How Do You Use CBD Candles?

Light the top of the candle and allow it to burn for a few minutes. Find a relaxing spot to sit down in and breath in the aromas let loose in the room. You may want to combine this with rubbing a soothing lotion into the skin.

Leave the CBD candle to burn for around 20 minutes before stopping.

How To Find Cannabis Candles

These aren’t commonplace currently with CBD brands, with the majority offering oils, gummies and vapes, as well as topical treatments, but cannabis candles aren’t as easy to find.

If you’re looking to find one, you can Google ‘CBD candles’ and a number of options are available, whether you’re based in the UK, USA or within the EU.

As previously mentioned, double check the lab report before purchasing one, to ensure it has the stated quantities of cannabinoids and no hidden nasties like pesticides.

By Tom Bourlet

Being based in Brighton, I have directly witnessed the CBD industry grow and prosper, albeit witnessing the difficulties around legislation and the lack of transparency. I therefore decided to become a neutral viewpoint offering genuine reviews, advice and guidance.

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