I’m incredibly happy and proud to say I’m once again an official media partner for The CBD Show, the illustrious CBD expo by Rasb Media.

Following the non-existence of conferences and expo’s during 2021, they returned with a bang last year, my favourite of them all being the CBD Show.

It was amazing to finally meet so many people I had spoken to previously via email. There were plenty of laughs, plenty of discussions about the CBD industry and then a few cheeky drinks at the end.

You can bet your bottom dollar I’ll also be attending this year, so if you’re going along, make sure to give me a message on the day!

When Is It Taking Place?

The main event is taking place on the 22-23rd May 2023, being a Monday and Tuesday.

Where Is It Taking Place?

The event in May 2023 will be taking place at Olympia in London. This is quite exciting for me, as I grew up in Hammersmith, with my dad living there, so it will be nice to visit my hometown again.

The Olympia holds 200 events per year, including the likes of Comic Con and Aesthetic Medicine Live.

A venue that has been running events for the public since 1886, the building had a 20 million pound investment in 2011, adding 4,000sqm over two floors in the Olympia West.

How Do I Get There?

While this station is in Hammersmith, it’s actually closer to Kensington station on the London Underground.

Kensington is on the district line, however unlike most of the direct line routes going across, this is one stop off Earl’s Court and is the last stop on that line, so you want the train that has Kensington as the final stop.

Alternatively you can access Kensington (Olympia) via the London Overground, being one stop from Shepherd’s Bush.

If you’ve flown in to Gatwick airport, then you can catch a train to Clapham Junction and will normally have to make the change to the train going to Kensington Olympia, being the third stop normally (after Imperial Wharf and West Brompton).

There are also a number of buses that come within a relatively close proximity of Olympia, such as the 9, 23, 27, 28, 49 and 391. A few of these run a night service, but it’s worth checking beforehand if there is a night service for your route if you’re staying late.

If you want a cheaper option than the train, you can catch a coach via the National Express.

What time should people arrive on the day?

If you’re arriving on the 22nd May then the doors will open at 10am, staying open until 5pm, while on day 2 they open an hour earlier at 9am, staying open until 3:30pm.

How do I book a meeting with one of the exhibitors?

If you go to the Exhibitors page on the Rasbmedia website (in the top nav), you will see the list of exhibitors that will be present on the day.

There were 175 exhibitors on this list for the last event, while each brand logo links through to their website, where you can reach out to them via email and arrange a meeting.

Are there any restaurants local to Olympia that you can recommend for lunch?

Near to the Olympia venue, there are a number of great restaurants, including Miran Masala, Chez Abir and the Cumberland Arms.

Also, if you just want a quick snack, there is a Tesco’s just a couple of minutes away, where I picked up a meal deal so I could eat and then get back in.

Is there parking near by? Is it easy to park as an exhibitor with supplies in a van?

While the Olympia does have parking spots, you do need to pre-book these before attending. Remember that if you’re staying for more than 10 hours, then it will work out cheaper to book a whole day in advance.

Alternatively, there is some off-site parking available in the local area, but not a huge amount.

How long should I give myself to walk around the entire venue?

It really depends on how much time you take at each exhibitor stand and whether you plan on watching the talks.

From my experience at Olympia, it’s not as big and full as Excel, such as for WTM (which you could explore for 3 days and have only scratched the surface).

However, time can quickly disappear at these events, especially if you book meetings.

I reckon you can walk around the venue while briefly stopping and chatting within a couple of hours, if not less, so 1-2 days gives you plenty of time to network.

What are the official hashtags I should monitor on the day for the CBD Show?

While there doesn’t appear to be an official hashtag in place currently, the one commonly used by the CBD Show is #CBDshow, while you can expect to see a few posts with #TheCBDShow and #CBDShow2023.

Why should someone attend this event in London?

If you represent a CBD brand, it can be an opportunity to meet buys for some big stores or pharmacies, it can be a chance to educate yourself through the lectures and it’s also a chance to meet bloggers and influencers (like me, hi!).

For the general public, it can be a chance to speak to numerous brands and learn more about their product range and their plans for the future.

Are there any local hotels you can recommend for people hoping to stay the night?

There are a number of hotels local to the Olympia venue, all at various price ranges and quality levels.

I will quickly warn you that some of the low cost options have tiny rooms, that won’t matter too much as you will probably be out most of the day, but they can be quite claustrophobic.

Some local options include the W14 Kensington Hotel, St Paul’s Hotel, the Hilton and the Hand & Flower.

Is there a big party at the end?

I haven’t seen any official info regarding this, but I can promise you I’ll be having a good few drinks at the end to celebrate!

If I hear more before the big day, I’ll make sure to update this article with more information and where it will be taking place.

What Happens Over The Two Days?

There will be a number of distinguished speakers who will be sharing their tips and insights on the CBD industry, with talks arranged for both days.

Some of the speakers last year included Angela Mustone from HighOnLove, Tamara McAsey from CannaFull Ltd and Tom Lorimer from OTO CBD.

They are currently collating all the info for speakers, some of the more prominent speakers will be from Broughton Group, CCell and IFS Labs as they are sponsors.

They will also have a large TV personality with over 1 million Instagram followers which are confirming.

The seminars will be taking place each day between 10am and 4:30pm.

Beyond the talks, the other main attraction is the exhibitors, as you get the chance to demonstrate your product range to major retailer sellers, global e-commerce businesses, wholesalers, distributors, pharmacies and of course, influencers!

If you’re interested in exhibiting at The CBD Show, make sure to get in contact with them to get a full floor plan and book yourself a stand.

Altogether, there should be 100+ suppliers, as well as 50+ educational seminars and keynotes.

What Type Of CBD Brands Will Be Attending?

Pretty much all of the big CBD brands will be present, however being a UK based event, there will also be some of the smaller domestic brands at the event.

They will be exhibiting everything CBD, including oils, edibles, topicals, beauty products, vapes and cosmetics.

Outside of CBD brands, there will also be packaging companies, distributors, cultivators, investors and marketing agencies in attendance. Of course, if you’re looking for a marketing agency then it might be worth getting in contact with myself!

Where Do I Get A Ticket?

When Released – You can get a ticket for The CBD Show from here, with two options available, being the trade only main conference (days 1 & 2) or the public day 2 exhibition.

Both tickets are free, however if you’re hoping to book meetings with suppliers and attend all the various seminars and keynotes then it would be worth getting the two day pass.

You can also get a VIP pass for £29.99, which will get your queue jump, reserved access to all, plus some refreshments.

Alternatively, if you’re hoping to join the virtual event, then you can fill in your details here for the pass.

Once you have signed up, your ticket will be emailed to you. You can print your ticket and bring it along in paper form. If you don’t have access to a printer, you can either download it or add it to Apple Wallet.

It’s also worth highlighting that each badge will have a QR code, so instead of having to swap business cards and grabbing their details, you can give it a quick scan and the information will be sent straight to your phone!

This is something I’ve seen more commonly at conferences over the past few years and I love it!

Can We Meet?

Absolutely, if you’re hoping to arrange a meeting with me, do let me know beforehand and I’ll make sure to meet you at a set point, such as at your exhibition stand or in the café.

I am planning on attending both days, while I also might be staying later on the final day for some extra drinks, so I hope to finally meet people and put a face to a name.


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